Low Tech Jihad

Fellow infidels,

The subtitle to this blog by Constantine could be “All infidels are guilty and deserve to die…especially women.” People need to realize that when Muslims say that they are opposed to terrorism against innocent people, they do not mean terrorism against non-Muslims.  That is because in their eyes, only Muslims can be innocent.  This is why they can kill, murder, and maim non-Muslims without batting an eyelash. Make sense? – Burkasrugly

Since Monday the world has rightly focused its attention on the two Islamic terrorists who killed and wounded large numbers of people at the Boston Marathon. But an event occurred in the Queens borough of New York City that was infinitely troubling. Obscured by events in Boston there was a savage Muslim attack on a young 16 year-old girl in the city of New York. Michelle Rodriguez (no relation to an actress with the same name) observed Muslim Omer Khogali attempting to break into several parked cars. She yelled at Omer and told him to stop breaking into cars. He began to walk away. But unknown to Michelle he doubled back and began following her. Then in an alleyway on 43rd Street Omer did the unthinkable. He picked up a brick and beat Michelle Rodriguez within an inch of her life.

He quickly walked away tossing the bloody brick on the sidewalk. Unfortunately for Omer the entire event was caught on a security camera. Police were able to recover the brick coated with Michelle’s blood and hair. DNA testing confirmed this was indeed the weapon used to beat Michelle senseless. Omar has been charged with attempted murder, assault and weapons possession.

Michelle was rushed to a Queens’ hospital in a coma. For days she hovered between life and death. As of Saturday morning she was slightly improved. She was lapsing in and out of a coma. Her doctors reported she still had bleeding on her brain. Even if she survives she will need numerous reconstructive surgeries on her nose, forehead, and skull, More than likely she will suffer life long brain damage. All of us should pray for a full recovery for this courageous young lady.

Omer Kohagali was acting out of his traditional Islamic belief system. First, the property (the cars) of infidels was free for the taking by Muslims. He was simply helping himself to what Mohammed and Allah had already decreed was halal (permissible) for him to take. Secondly, a woman told him to stop breaking into cars. No Muslim man takes orders from a woman. Mohammed had already authorised the beating of disobedient women in the sacred Koran. And thirdly, she was an infidel woman.

All infidels are guilty and deserve to die. Not having a gun, knife or bomb Omer picked up a four pound brick off the street and bashed in her head. Muslims have had a 1400 year history of killing people with brick and rocks. Done collectively by a group of Muslims it is called stoning. This was an act by a one man Muslim lynch mob in which Omer Khogali functioned as judge, jury and executioner.

Stoning has come to America.

In hoc signo vinces,


(Note to self. Must write Senator Dianne Feinstein of California. She must put

forward a bill in the Senate banning assault bricks. Also, we need background

checks on insane Muslims forbidding them to buy or posses assault bricks.

Surely she will be sympathetic to taking assault bricks off the streets of America.)

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