The First Duty

Fellow infidels,

It is the first duty of any civilized nation to protect the lives of its own citizens. Why else does the nation exist if it cannot reasonably protect its own citizenry ?

In the days of Thomas Jefferson the Barbary Pirates of Libya began attacking American shipping in the Mediterranean Sea. Captives were carried to Tripoli by these Islamic sea raiders and sold into slavery. The great powers of Europe counseled paying tribute to these seafaring barbarians to not attack our merchant shipping. But this suggestion for paying protection money fell upon American deaf ears. Instead the call went out from the American Capitol, “Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute !”

Soon the fledgling American Navy was on the way to Tripoli. With the help of the U.S. Marine Corps we whipped the Islamic pirates and slave traders in short order. Our captives were released. And that memorable second line in the Marine Corps Hymn was enshrined forever, “To the shores of Tripoli”.

Teddy Roosevelt and his Big Stick Policy (“Speak softly but carry a big stick.”) was used twice against Muslim savages during his tenure as President. In Morocco an American citizen was killed and his wife and children were taken captive by a Muslim brigand. Teddy despatched the Marine Corps to retrieve both the lady and her children killing a fair number of Muslims in the process.

Then in the extreme southern Philippines on TR’s watch there was a Muslim insurgency, again, involving pirates. (Jihad has a land component and a sea component. The sea component always takes the from of piracy.) General Leonard Wood and Major Blackjack Pershing fought these fanatics for over ten years before utterly destroying their capacity to wage Jihad.

Now fast forward to future. President Obama has clearly forgotten the first duty of America which is to protect the lives of its citizens. Last week Congress investigated the ever-changing spin of the Benghazi affair. Obama quickly tired of the pleas for help, turned off phone, and went to sleep. As a result four brave Americans died and about 20 were wounded. But Obama had more important things to do the next day. He had to fly to Las Vegas for a huge Democratic fund-raiser. Also, he got the perfect venue to trumpet how he “had decimated al-Qaeda” and killed Osama bin Laden. Plus he also got the chance to pal around with that great and profound intellect Beyoncé.

However, the Benghazi affair was not the first time the Big O’s actions killed American citizens. Ever hear of Operation Fast and Furious in which two Americans and over 250 Mexican citizens were killed ? The Department of Justice placed 2700 assault rifles and semi-auto pistols in the hands of the drug cartels of Mexico, some of the most evil people on the planet. Obama needs a background check on his weaponry. His Second Amendment rights need to be taken away when he is convicted of any number felonies his tyrannical regime has committed.

The last time I checked even negligent homicide is a felony. Obama should be impeached over Benghazi and Fast and Furious. Six Americans have already died. How many more will die if he stays in power ? The Magnificent O and all his apparatchiks (Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Eric Holder and Jay Carney) have to go ! And when they are stripped of power we need to remove all the Muslim Brotherhood operatives who have infiltrated our government with the approval of the Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama. Maybe Saudi Arabia will give Obama political asylum. After all, they took in Field Marshall Idi Amin, President for Life of Uganda.

In hoc signo vinces,


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