Hiding In Plain Sight

Fellow infidels,

The Scarlet Pimpernel has a great idea that would use the burka against the followers of that woman-hating pedophile, Mohammed.  Why shouldn’t we use the symbol of their hateful subjugation of women against them?  They use our freedoms, laws, and our kind hearts against us. Burkas are truly ugly, but if they can be used against these Neanderthals, why not? Burkasrugly

The New York Post recently reported the following incident. Kalli Atteya had the misfortune to marry a Muslim in this country in 1999. Soon thereafter they had a son named Niko. Her husband, Mohammed Khalil Atteya (Aren’t all of them named Mohammed ?) divorced her in 2005 and returned to his native Egypt. He took with him his son Niko acting contrary to the terms of the American divorce settlement.

Kalli spent over $100,000 tracking her son, Niko, to the Egyptian city of Alexandria. There she donned a burqa so she could blend in on the street. She knew that he rode the bus home from school every day. So the burqa Mom staked out the bus stop and waited. When Niko stepped off the bus his Mom swooped in and liberated her son. They both made their escape in a nearby secreted vehicle.

Niko when interviewed by the Post remarked, “I thought, thank God, I’m finally going to get out of here.” Both the intrepid Kalli and son Niko are safely back in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

This gave me an idea to pass along to all those American Moms whose Muslim husbands have stolen children and carried them back to the Mid-East, a place where Sharia trumps American divorce courts. Get yourself a one size fits all burqa and steal your kids back. To hell with Sharia ! Try a little bit of American ingenuity and daring. Put on a black burqa and hide in plain sight in the ever more radicalized Islamic societies of the middle East. Blend in and get the approval of the religious police at the same time.

Let’s hijack their culture and use it against them. On 9/11 they hijacked our airliners and used them as guided missiles against the Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon. Use the burqas against them. This is a low tech ploy to infiltrate this misogynistic culture of woman haters. Think of the havoc this would cause, say, in Saudi Arabia. Thousands of American women infiltrating Saudi culture hiding in the plain sight of millions of black garbed Saudi women.

An even more sinister idea would be to use this tactic to infiltrate thousands of Jewish women, who belonged to the Israeli Defense Force, into Medina and Mecca thus making these two holy cities unclean forever. The very loose fit of the burqa would allow these females Israeli agents to pack an Uzi, a Desert Eagle pistol, several hand grenades plus lots of extra ammo under the burqa. Some of the more daring burqa clad intelligence officers could even carry a 60 mm mortar under their clothing.

The only way to discover these agents would be to have all women in Saudi Arabia take off their burqas. But by then the forces of the West would have won and by default the Saudi women would be liberated from the tyranny of the burqa.

There is a great spy thriller in here somewhere ! Just a little more refinement is needed before we can launch Operation Black Burqa. Do you Muslim fanatics feel the terror ?

The Scarlet Pimpernel

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