Beck: Don’t Allow World Run By ‘Crazy Ass Muslims’

Fellow infidels,

The recent horrific beheading in broad daylight in the streets of London may be a turning point. Hopefully it woke up some of the Useful Idiots and the wussified dhimmis.

However, you know that there will be people who defend the Muslim jihadists to their dying breath even as the Muslims are about to chop their heads off.  We need to forget about those hopeless cases and make sure that those who are sitting on the fence know what happened and continue to bombard them with stories, pictures, and videos of Islamic atrocities.  There is no need for anyone to make up anything or stretch the truth about anything concerning Muslim jihadists.  They prove our point that they are violent savages by their own words, deeds, and actions.

Glenn Beck has had enough and hopefully the world has had enough of these horrible, disgusting, dangerous bullies.  Glenn is very passionate about how far we have fallen from the time of the Greatest Generation – when men would NOT have put up with such nonsense.  Political Correctness has GOT to go!


Until next time,


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