“Neutrality In The Face Of Evil Is Evil Itself” – Geert Wilders

In May of 2011 Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament, delivered a speech in Nashville, Tennessee to a standing room only crowd of 4,500 people. The speech was titled “A Warning to America.” At the time Mr. Wilders had been charged with hate speech by radical Islamists in the Netherlands. His crime was he purportedly told the truth about Islam using direct quotes from the Koran. Thus, he factually portrayed Islam and Sharia to be the brutal, horrible political ideology which it is in reality. A few weeks after the address he was exonerated by the Dutch court of the crime of hate speech.
In the Nashville speech Wilders warned all Americans to protect free speech. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution legally protects the freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Under Sharia law these concepts do not exist. In fact, Sharia believes blasphemy is saying anything derogatory about Islam, even if it can be proven true.
There has arisen a vast horde of useful idiots and dhimmis who constantly cheerlead for Islam. The very term “useful idiots” was coined by Lenin to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western democracies. It has come to be a pejorative term for those who unwittingly support a malignant cause through their naïve attempt to be a force (for what they think) will be good. In the current context these are multiculturalist liberals who have allied themselves with radical Islamists. Dr. Bill Warner calls them “the near enemy.” They will campaign for full Muslim domination in our society, right up to the minute their necks are literally stretched across an Islamic chopping block. Once they are no longer needed, they will be quickly and violently eliminated.
Who are some of these “useful idiots” in today’s context? Right at the top of the list I would place Christian ministers and Jewish rabbis. Both groups are charged with being shepherds to their flocks. One of the main functions of both rabbis and ministers is to protect their congregations from false teaching. Many of today’s religious leaders have bought the concept of the Abrahamic roots of Islam, Judaism and Christianity lock, stock and barrel. They have drunk the Kool-Aid that teaches one religion is just as good as another. Terribly afraid to offend either denominational bureaucrats or parishioners they refuse to take a stand. Thus through their inaction they imperil the lives of their charges.
Another group of multiculturalists who are setting us up for disaster are the professional collegiate liberals. They won’t stand up for the ideals and values of Western Culture. They denigrate our Judeo Christian accomplishments and values to the place that every culture is preferred to our own. Samuel Huntington’s The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order tells us that that whenever Islam touches another culture there we will find a bloody border. While Western Civilization is not perfect, it is far superior to Islamic barbarism and slavery. Geert Wilders reminds us that we need to believe in the good that the Judeo-Christian tradition has cultivated in our society.
Finally, the strangest and oddest groups of “useful idiots,” reside in the National Organization of Women (NOW). To listen to these mindless female liberals you would think that Islam has created a virtual heaven on earth for women. The truth of the matter is that Islam has created a hell on earth as well as in the next life for women. (Remember Mohammed’s comment about peering into hell and finding it largely populated with women). Hopefully, all these women will enjoy female genital mutilation, forced child bearing, being sequestered permanently in their houses, not driving a car, wearing a 15-pound cloth coffin (better known as a burka), being worth ½ of a Muslim man, and having the rare privilege of being stoned to death if they have been raped. NOW liberals only see a fantasy land Islam that has never and will never exist. NOW liberals should assist in the liberation of their Islamic sisters from a male-dominated, misogynist Muslim society.
In his Nashville speech Geert Wilders has issued a clarion call to defend free speech in the West. We ignore his summons at our own peril. Unless we begin believing in Judeo-Christian values our only conceivable destiny is Islamic slavery. Three cheers for Geert Wilders! We have not heard the last from this great leader who has a sterling moral compass to guide us all.

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