When You Need the London Police in Seconds, They Take (20) Minutes to Arrive

Fellow infidels,

When the British start arresting 85-year-old grannies for telling the truth about Islam, but yet treat savage beasts – like the ones who beheaded and hacked to death the British soldier last recently – it is way past time to be alarmed.  Constantine will fill you in below.  When we think they have sunk to their lowest, Islamic thugs just keep getting more demonic.  If you don’t speak out now – in your community, to your church, to your family, and to your legislators – you may not be able to.  Sharia law is coming to America if YOU do not get up off your duff and quit procrastinating! Join ACT! for America today and add your voice to thousands of others – Burkasrugly

A friend of mine who has been a career law enforcement officer has a saying, “When you need the police in seconds, they are only minutes away.” In the case of the vicious attack against British soldier Lee Rigby this was true, except it took 20 minutes for an armed response by British police.

This whole attack unfolded in the following way. The two Muslim savages first ran down Lee with their car. After knocking him senseless (hopefully) they got out of car and start hacking him with a meat cleaver and a large knife.

It was a brutal attack of several minutes duration. Meanwhile able-bodied British men stood by and did nothing, other than to film the whole incident on their cell phones. In all fairness to the London police the first unarmed response occurred in eleven minutes. There has been a tradition in Great Britain that if the criminals do not carry weapons, neither will the police. This tradition worked well for the last century. But since the advent of Islamic terrorism this unstated agreement has totally broken down.

Another nine minutes were wasted authorizing the issuance of guns. When the thugs were confronted by an armed FEMALE police sniper the tables were quickly turned. One of the jihadis (the one not in the film) pulled an old revolver on the officer. As he tried to fire his weapon it exploded in his hand blowing his thumb off. (Ah, too bad. Did the nice little jihadi hurt himself ?) Just like a pair of dumb jihadis to bring knives to a gun fight. The police woman quickly fired on the two monsters. She intentionally shot to wound and not to kill the two hooligans. Upon questioning by police the two implicated eight other Muslim extremists. Also, these jihadis have to live with the everlasting shame that they were taken out by an infidel police woman. (Maybe they will only get 10 virgins each, instead of the requisite 72 in the that great Islamic Whore House in the Sky, for their imprudence.)

The West is engaged in a war with Islam. The police have not been trained to fight this insurgency. To call what happened in London a police matter is akin to calling the Korean War a police action. This is war with Islam pure and simple. The sooner we call it what it is, the quicker we will solve the problem.

A fewer days later another incident happened that elicited a much quicker response by the police. An 85-year-old British Granny was arrested outside of a Mosque in London. Her crime was to suggest that Muslims who did not wish to live in British society were free to return to their country of origin at any time. The highly offended imam (aren’t they all highly offended at having to live infidel society?) called the coppers. Where upon, two British Muslim (see diversity studies) policemen arrived on the scene in one minute (60 seconds). The granny was arrested and slapped in handcuffs. The Muzzy-Wuzzy officers probably detected a weapon like an over sized purse and maybe even a standard issue black British umbrella. The elderly woman was charged with using speech that incited religious hatred. (I couldn’t make this stuff up in a thousand years.) She was hauled away under arrest for telling the truth.

So it is permissible under Sharia to brutally behead an unarmed infidel. But by Allah,  those infidels who tell the truth about the bloody religion of Islam must be silenced and quickly.

In Hyde Park in central London there is a place call Speaker’s Corner. It used to serve as a memorial to free speech. Any British citizen could go there and speak on any topic as long as he did so peacefully. May be it will be renamed Sharia Corner. It might even become a place for public Islamic executions in the near future unless our British cousins wise up and reject the damning doctrine of political correctness.

In hoc signo vinces,


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