Jihad On The Cheap

Fellow infidels,

Constantine exposes a type of jihad that you may have not been aware of – Burkasrugly

The most expensive fire in Colorado history was contained last week. The Black Forest fire which burned just north of Colorado Springs devastated over 14, 000 acres. A total of 509 very pricey homes were destroyed in the fire. Two persons lost their lives. More than 40,000 people were evacuated by state order. Lightening has been ruled out as the cause of the fire. There is a possibility the fire was set by someone.

Inspire, the glossy English language magazine for Jihadi wannabes, has long advocated the setting of forest fires as a low-cost, but effective method for waging Jihad against the infidels. There have been proven cases in Israel, Greece, Russia, France, Spain, Portugal and Eastern Europe of such fiery jihad. Why do we think we will be exempt from such tactics in the United States ?

First the cost is dirt cheap. A box of matches, a couple of gallons of gasoline and some type of container and you are ready to wage war against the kafirs. Arson is a very difficult crime to prove. Often the very tools of a deliberately set fire are consumed in the inferno.

Secondly, unlike homicide bombers the perpetrator can strike any number of times. All the really good suicide bombers are already dead. Islam is running out of fresh dummies.  This method allows radical Islam to save their diehards (no pun intended) for really big operations liking flying planes into buildings crammed with thousands of innocent civilians.

Was the Black Forest fire set by some deranged Muslim savage, or just a garden variety pyromaniac ? We may never know. But we do know that this type of Jihad is taking place in other countries. We know Al-Qaeda and its affiliates have urged the use of fire as another tool in their arsenal. We had better be aware of this form of Jihad on the cheap.

In hoc signo vinces,


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