Another Brit Is Killed By A Jihadist

Fellow infidels,

If you thought that the heinous murder of Lee Rigsby was just an isolated case, then think again…infidels are being targeted in the heart of Western Civilization…Great Britain, the home of William Shakespeare and Sir Winston Churchill is being replaced with savages who murder the citizens there just because they are not Muslim.   WAKE UP CHRISTIANS, JEWS, HINDUS, BUDDHISTS, AND ATHEISTS! You are ALL infidels and are on their hit list – Burkasrugly

The Manchester Evening News recently ran this story of another deadly Jihadist attack on the streets of a major British city. It seems Crump Raiswell Kieran, 18, was looking for a job in Manchester.

Unbeknownst to him Imran Hussain 27 was also looking, but not for a job. He was looking for an infidel, any infidel, to brutally murder.Hussain parked his car and began looking for a victim.

He approached without warning and with a long bladed knife stabbed Kieran four times in the chest. As the prosecutor put it, “Kieran crossed the road and then entirely without warning Hussain Imran approached him and stabbed to the front and back of his chest four times before running off.” Meanwhile Kieran fell to the ground. He was able to rise to his feet, before finally collapsing. Within moments the paramedics arrived and tried to stabilize Kieran. Alas, it was too late. Kieran expired just minutes after arriving at hospital.

Imran Hussain eluded capture for months but recently the British police through surveillance video positively identified him. Initially Imran denied the attack. But when he was shown incriminating evidence he claimed temporary insanity. (Nice try. Anybody who has spent a life time reading hate filled Islamic literature could probably claim the same.) Finally he broke down and gave the police a complete confession.

Anyone who has knowledge of Islam knew Imran was emulating the perfect Muslim man; Mohammed. Mohammed urged his followers to kill all the infidels, In fact it becomes a sacred duty for all Muslims to purge the world of kafirs. It is how you earn Brownie points in the madness of militant Islam. Any nameless, faceless infidel will do as a sacrifice to the monster god Allah. As an added feature the Jihadi wins the lottery of perpetual sexual activity in Paradise, also known as the great Islamic whorehouse in the sky.

These random murders are becoming entirely too frequent in Great Britain. Killing, rape, pedophilia and Sharia enforced zones are popping up all over the country. Meanwhile, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have been banned from Britain. They might tell the truth about militant Islam which would provoke Muslims to well, lose control and commit acts of unspeakable violence.Talk about shooting the messenger! Tommy Robinson of the English Defense League has often been jailed for speaking the truth.

Indeed, truth has become the new hate speech, particularly if it offends the ever-offended Muslim thugs roaming the streets of England in search of new victims.

In hoc signo vinces,


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