German Shepherds 1, Muslims 0

Fellow infidels,

If you are a dog lover, you will like the Scarlet Pimpernel’s latest blog.  The Pimpernel points out that dogs are considered filthy in Islam.  I wonder what the dogs think of Muslims?  – Burkasrugly

Much has been made of the fact that dogs are haram (forbidden) in Islam. Mohammed hated dogs. He killed them relentlessly. He taught that angels would not enter a house in which a dog was kept. He even convinced his intelligence impaired followers that keeping dogs would send them on a one way trip to Islamic Hell.

Dogs are considered filth, in the same sense we infidels are considered filth. Hamas teaches Palestinian children to kill puppies as the first step on a life long journey of savagery and murder. In Europe there is a Jihad being waged against beloved canine pets. Dogs are being poisoned in great numbers all across Europe. Often their owners are being beaten up in the process.

Below is a video of a man walking his two German Shepherds in Casablanca, Morocco. The two dogs are accosted by an angry street mob of fanatical jihadists. The Muslims begin throwing rocks and bottles at the two dogs while taunting them with cries of Allahu Akbar. Finally, the dogs cannot take it any longer and unleash their own holy war against the sons of Allah. One hapless Muslim is attacked by the two dogs. One dog seizes the Muslim’s shoulder and the other Shepherd grabs the guy’s ankle. The two very powerful dogs begin playing tug a war with the Muzzy. Obviously the two dogs have vastly superior intelligence to the dumbass Muslim. Watch the video below. Try not to laugh or you, too, will go straight to Muslim Hell.


My faithful Rottweiler Duke died last year. He kept my family safe for 12 years. Often times I would have to be away on Guard duty for extended periods of time. I never feared for the safety of my wife and children. Duke was always on duty. Duke was a very loving, faithful, docile rottweiler. He adored and loved little children. But I did train him to react in a very hostile way to the word “terrorist ” when I pointed to some person. He would have really mauled someone who tried to do my family harm.

Recently, I got another Rottweiler puppy. She shows signs of being a very intelligent dog.  Give her another three months and she will be able to whip any Muslim terrorist. She is extremely fast and can chase down even  the fleetest footed Muslim living.

If there is a heaven for dogs my Duke is there waiting for me. The angels would have been right at home visiting Duke. I suspect the Muslim dog killers have it all wrong. They will go to hell, and dogs, man’s best friend, will go to heaven. St. Peter will probably have a brace of dogs guarding the Pearly Gates.

Get yourself a German Shepherd, a Rottweiler, a Doberman, or even a big English Mastiff. They may prove to be priceless in the near future.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

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