Memphis Imam Spews Jew Hatred

Fellow infidels,

And this man , Yasir Qadhi, spoke to the Muslim Student Association at ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY in the spring of 2012. Apparently, the administration did not know he has advocated replacing American democracy with Islamic rule, according to AtlasShrugs. He spoke of how wonderful women are treated in Islam (what was he smoking?) and how Islam was never forced on people by the sword (I’m rolling on the floor laughing right now). But there are young college kids who might actually listen to this garbage and believe this blasphemy. At least when he was at ASU there were less than 20 people in the audience and all but one was already Muslim.

In the video below Qadhi says this:

“Hitler never intended to mass-destroy the Jews… The Hoax of the Holocaust — I advise you to read this book, you’ll want to write this down — The Hoax of the Holocaust, a very good book. All of this is false propaganda…””—

Listen for yourself how he talks about Jews:



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