Mohammed, The Perfect Man (In His Own Words)

Fellow infidels,

Muslims believe that Mohammed was the perfect man, and he should be emulated.  This explains a lot – Burkasrugly

M. A. Khan, the author of Islamic Jihad, writes of Mohammed, “He was the kindest, fairest, most just, and most merciful, while he possessed no cruelty or barbarity at all.”

The prophet Mohammed when speaking of himself said, “The first thing Allah created was the light of your Prophet from His light. The life of the Prophet Muhammed, the highest perfection of human life for all time, was full of virtues and devoid of any vices. He had all the good characteristics of a human being – be it in sexual morality or kindness – in the highest possible degrees. He was infallible and sinless as Allah himself had  consecrated him.”

In the Quran we read, ” And Allah has not sent you Muhammed but as a mercy to the worlds. (21:107)

Imam al-Ghazzali, the great Islamic scholar, second only to the Prophet wrote: “The apostle always prayed in all humility to Allah for bestowing on him the highest moral qualities and a generous character. He was of exceeding humility and the greatest, the bravest, the justest and the most pious of men…The high standard which the Prophet set in moral behavior as a citizen free or persecuted, as a husband, as a chief, and as a conqueror was never reached by any individual before or since.”

Hence whatever Mohammed did should be emulated by Muslims. All of his actions are a literal template that must be totally adhered to by all of his followers. If Mohammed did it, Muslims should undoubting follow in his foot steps.

Try telling the 800 Jews Mohammed had beheaded that he was the perfect man. Or the Jewess who was raped by Mohammed after watching her husband beheaded earlier that day. Or the numerous persons Mohammed ordered assassinated in order to consolidate his power. Or all the caravan attendants he murdered.

Mohammed was pure evil. And his followers remain pure evil 1400 years after this devilish religion was invented by this madman. Rebecca Bynum got it right in her brilliant book Allah Is Dead, Islam is an immoral religion.

In hoc signo vinces,


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