Islam – The Paradigm Of Submission

Despite what Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama have repeatedly told us, Islam does not mean peace.  The word Islam in Arabic means submission.  Islam as submission is the key to understanding the political ideology of the radical Islamists.

Let us begin with an objective observation of the facts about the beginning of Islam.  No one observed the first minute of Mohammed’s revelation.  Unlike Jesus, who was a highly public figure, no one, but no one, was around to observe the foundational events of Islam.  It was strictly between Mohammed and Allah.  Relatively soon a pecking order developed in Islam.  Mohammed was at the top of the pile.  Since he was the supreme authority (a.k.a. the prophet) he was on top of the heap.  As such, Allah accorded him numerous special privileges.  Other Muslims had to content themselves with a mere four wives.  Mohammed got a special dispensation from Allah.  He could have all the wives he desired.  When it came to treasure and booty from his numerous bloody raids, he could keep for himself 20% and the rest of the army divided up the remainder.  Mohammed was allowed the power of death over all peoples – Muslims and non-Muslims: as such his hands literally dripped with blood.  In one day, Mohammed presided over the beheading of 800 Jewish men and boys.

Next in order came Muslim men.  Muslim men had total power over their wives and children.  Wives could be disciplined by striking or beating.  Under extreme circumstances wives could be killed.  Remember the so-called moderate Muslim in New York state who beheaded his own wife?  Or poor Rifqa Bary, who converted to Christianity, but was threatened with death by her parents and her mosque for apostasy?

Divorce under Sharia Law works totally at the discretion of the male (never the female).  Any Muslim can divorce his wife for any reason by simply stating three times “I divorce you.”  Child custody is never, ever negotiated.  Children always go to the father.  There is no such thing as alimony for the divorced wife.  She gets no support whatsoever.  In fact, sometimes the wife must pay her husband for the privilege of being divorced.

A Muslim man may marry a female Muslim, Jew or Christian.  However,  a female Muslim can only marry a Muslim man.  All children of a marriage between a Muslim man and a Christian or Jewish woman always produce Muslim children.  Paternity is the deciding factor of who is born a Muslim.  If your father is a Muslim, you are a Muslim.

Even more horrible is the way Muslims treat non-Muslims.  It is not even a capital offense for a Muslim to kill a non-Muslim.  In some cases killing is even mandated by Allah and Mohammed, his prophet.  Infidels (Kafirs) can be killed, raped, enslaved, and tortured.  Their property can be stolen for the enrichment of Muslims and for Jihad.

The relation of Allah to the world is submission.  Submission equates to slavery.  Sharia law is the codification of brutality and cruelty.  And this is why we must resist the implementation of Sharia.  To fail to resist is to doom Western civilization to certain destruction!

In hoc signo,


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