Top Ten Reasons

Fellow Infidels,

Constantine defends ACT! for America. Burkasrugly

Recently, the Council on American Islamic Relations asked Congressman Allen West to renounce his ties to Brigitte Gabriel, President for Act! for America. Congressman West refused to do so, and issued his now-famous NUTS! reply. West was quoting General Anthony McAuliffe’s storied response to the German demand that the Americans surrender at the Battle of the Bulge.

CAIR’s contention was that ACT! for America was a radical, hate mongering, Islamophobic organization. Here is a copy of the letter sent by Congressman West:

Recently, I thought of ten reasons (apologies to David Letterman, who by the way received a death threat from some mad mullah) of why CAIR might classify us as an organization promulgating hatred.

So listed below are my reasons.

1. We believe in the Constitution of the United States.
2. We believe in the Bill of Rights contained within the Constitution.
3. We believe in pledging allegiance to our flag and ultimately to our nation.
4. We believe in the total equality of the sexes before the statutes of the United States Law.
5. We believe in freedom of religion. A person should be able to change his or her religion without fear of punishment or death.
6. We believe in Judeo-Christian values. While our culture is not perfect, we do believe it is far superior to the cruel, savage values that have defined Islam.
7. We believe in American law for American Courts; not in a barbaric legal code of sadistic brutality.
8. We believe people are free to do as they please unless their actions physically harm others.
9. We believe in freedom of speech, particularly speech that might be offensive to radical Islamists. We are totally against the concept of Political Correctness.
10. And finally (drum roll) we believe the epitome of Southern culture is slow cooked, hickory smoked “pork” barbecue. It is indeed God’s culinary gift to the world.

Now that I think about it, perhaps we are a radical group. If by “radical” you mean that ACT for America! opposes the twin evils of Islamic tyranny, terrorism and Sharia. If that is the meaning of “radical” then I wear that badge proudly. In the words of Winston Churchill “we shall never, never, never surrender.”

In hoc signo,


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