“We Are Not Monsters”

Fellow infidels,

How can the world  continue to stand by and nod in dumb agreement that Islam is a religion of peace after tons of evidence to the contrary? It is simply not true that Islam is a “religion of peace”….especially in light of all of the horrible acts of violence perpetrated in the name of the Satanic religion, Islam.  The most recent and notable event was at the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Constantine has some scathing words for the human waste who perpetrated this terrible massacre – Burkasrugly

An infinitely troubling story surfaces from the ruins of the Westgate Shopping Mall terror attack in Kenya. West Gate Mall was attacked by a band of Islamic terrorists know as Al-Shabaab from Somalia.

One hour after the attack started a four-year-old British boy, Elliot Prior, confronted the terrorist who had just shot his mom, Amber, in the leg. Elliot said to terrorist, “You are a very bad man.”. To which the terrorist replied on behalf of his cohorts, “Please forgive me, we are not monsters.” Then the terrorist handed the boy and his six-year-old sister a Mars Bar as if a lousy candy bar evened the score of sheer terror and unbelievable brutality the Muslims inflicted upon their helpless victims. As soon as Amber was able to stand she and her two children fled the Mall.. Her family was fortunate.

Many others perished horribly in that vast chamber of horrors known as Westgate Mall. Kenyan authorities have found children with their eyes gouged out. People were thrown screaming off the third and fourth levels of the mall. Men were bound and then castrated. Many people had all of their fingers hacked off. Some were found missing their hands as well. Large numbers were shot in their head. Throats were cut. All of these actions against innocent, unarmed civilians qualify these ba****ds as monsters in my book.

How many more of these acts will have to take place before we will come  to the conclusion that the civilized world is at war with these monsters spawned by the original Monster, Mohammed, himself . Islam is a criminal, gang religion. It is a gutter religion. All of the world’s religions encourage the noble development of humanity. Not Islam. It elevates the most depraved behavior of humans to a place of divine debauchery. Mohammed taught the killing, rape and slaughter of non-Muslims. And his followers have been following his directions for 1400 years.

What is the life of a human being worth in terms of candy bars? Every candy bar in the world is not enough to atone for the horror visited upon the innocents at West Gate Mall in Nairobi. I must agree with Elliot Prior. All of the Al-Shabaab terrorists were Monsters.

May God have mercy on their souls.

In hoc signo vinces,


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