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Fellow infidels,

In light of the recent brutal attack on a mall in Africa, Constantine lays out his theory that it was only a dress rehearsal for a bigger attack in America.  Chilling – Burkasrugly

Just 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis in suburban Bloomington is located the largest mall in the United States. Appropriately, it is named the Mall of America. It is literally a national shopping destination. Trains, planes and bus lines offer package deals to entice shopaholics to Bloomington, MN. The Mall of America (MOA) has over 520 stores, more than 50 restaurants, and a huge indoor amusement park. The Mall is multi storied. The website features everything you would want to know about the MOA. Detailed maps feature the location of every store. Millions visit this mall every year. Daily about
250,000 people tread the sacred halls of consumerism each and every day. The MOA is a glitzy paean of conspicuous consumption.

However, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul are also famous for another very macabre reason. The Twin Cities are home to the largest concentration of Somali immigrants in the United States. In fact Al-Shabaab (The Youth), the radical Islamic terrorist organization, views the Twin Cities as a fertile recruiting ground for future Jihadis. There are in excess of 40,000 Somalis living in the area. In East Africa Somalis are viewed as the most radical of all African Muslims. Somalis who are Muslims
compose 99.99 of the population of Somalia. Somalis engage in all types of criminal activities to support the cause of Jihad. Poaching, piracy, the khat trade and money laundering come naturally to Somalis.

Recently, the Westgate Mall in Nairobi was attacked by a band of 8 to 15 jihadis from Somalia. They killed at least 70 people, wounded over 200, and destroyed the Westgate Mall. What if 20 to 30 Somali terrorists armed with grenades, pistols and semi-automatic
rifles attacked the Mall of America on Black Friday. The deaths would probably exceed 500 with several thousands wounded. The economic fallout during the busy Christmas shopping season would be devastating.

Remember there were several American Somalis at the Westgate Mall massacre. They are experienced in putting together mall attacks and they are more than willing to die for Allah. I am amazed that there has not been an attack on a major American shopping facility since 9/11. It is not a question of if, but rather when such an attack occurs in an American city. We need to plan for this unthinkable contingency right now.

Consider this thought. Was the Westgate Mall attack a dress rehearsal for a major mall attack in this country ? Remember there are tens of thousands of highly antagonistic Muslims only a short 15 minute drive from the MOA (Mall of America). Such an attack
would literally turn the MOA (Mall of America) into an Islamic MOA (Mall of Allah) complete with severed limbs and heads, pools of blood, scores of raped women, little girls and boys. It is a prospect too gruesome to contemplate. Yet we must plan for such an event. To ignore the obvious will make this horrendous scenario even more likely to occur.

In hoc signo vinces,


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