Muslims Threaten “Nightmare On Downing Street”

Fellow infidels,

Hey, Brits, do you feel the love from this guy on the video?


He talks about the door being kicked down by Muslims on Downing Street, replacing the numbers on Big Ben with Arabic numerals, and making David Cameron come crawling to give Muslims the jizya. For those who don’t know, the jizya is a very heavy tax on non-Muslims.  This tax is a sort of “protection” tax something akin to protection from the mob here in the U.S. Basically, it is a way for Muslims to lay up on their butts while non-Muslims pay for their upkeep.  Essentially, welfare for Muslims.  This is how they live in the countries they invade.

Where is the British intelligence agencies on this?  This is serious.  Where is Interpol on this?  Are you people going to allow a great Western civilization be taken over by Muslim scumbags?

He also calls Kate Middleton a whore and says all women including her and Queen Elizabeth will wear the niquab (a burka basically). Tell me again, British people, why are you sitting on your hands not DEMANDING this trash be kicked out of your country??? We would all have more respect for you if you did.

Until next time,


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