“The Last Israelis” by Noah Beck

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Constantine does an excellent job of reviewing a riveting book titled “The Last Israelis.” The premise of the book is that Israel gets destroyed by an all-out attack, including nuclear bombs being dropped on some of its cities. Please take a moment to read his review – Burkasrugly

This novel was written to answer the haunting question “What happens when it is too late to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons?” Most of the novel takes place on a Dolphin class Israeli electric-diesel submarine.

The Dolphin carries the usual complement of torpedoes, but it also carries ten nuclear tipped cruise missiles each carrying a 200 kiloton nuke. The cruise missiles can be air launched or launched from the submerged submarine. The complement of the Dolphin is 35 sailors and officers. The Dolphin is one of six the Germans have built for the Israelis. Five of these deadly submarines have already been delivered.

This book is more than a submarine thriller. The crew functions as a model of Israeli society at large. Within the crew we have secular and orthodox Jews, there is one Druse Muslim, and even a Buddhist. This is not a simplistic novel; instead, it deals very well with all the complexities of a diverse Israeli society. Meanwhile, the United States government diddles and equivocates about its support of Israel. The executive branch is weak and vacillating. (Does this sound like Obama?) A little too late the Israelis decide to go it alone.

Most of the action takes place undersea off the coast of Iran. After several days of no communication, the crew learns that three Iranian nuclear warheads hit Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. Also, Hamas and Hezbollah launch 50,000 missiles armed with conventional high explosives and sarin nerve gas from Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. Israel ceases to exist as a nation. It’s land is a parched, radioactive wasteland.

Now the crew must decide whether to retaliate against Iran knowing that Israel has been destroyed. I won’t give away the ending, but there is an extensive debate among the crew as to what will be their course of action.

Winston Churchill called World War II the “unnecessary war.” If Hitler’s aggression had been met in the mid-1930s by a determined Britain and France, then Hitler would have been stopped. Instead, a milquetoast Neville Chamberlain was hoodwinked by Herr Hitler. Chamberlain came back to Britain waving his white paper proclaiming “Peace in our time.” This folly ended up costing the world 60 million dead people in the ensuing tragedy of World War II.

The right time to oppose tyranny is when its despicable head first emerges from the primordial ooze. Iran denies the original Holocaust while plotting a second Holocaust spawned in the fires of a nuclear detonation. The time is short. Israel must soon act unilaterally to save not only its own life but the life of the world.

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P.S. The novel can be purchased from amazon.com. Or if you have an e-reader there is a Kindle edition available for download.

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