Fellow infidels,

It is pretty astounding when a former atheist (now agnostic) sees the many great things that Christianity has brought to the world. Islam is the antithesis to Christianity.  It is a soul-destroying authoritarian political system that masquerades as a religion. It has left millions (270 million be exact) dead in its wake.  Enza Ferreri, a blogger, admits that the culture we have had for almost 2,000 years is because of the effects of Christianity; and when it goes, so will our advanced cultural traditions and innovation.  Watch her comments below:



I loved this part of her speech that is SO TRUE (Eat your heart out Muslims and Muslim sympathizers):

“And another thing: we have to explain to ourselves why only the Christian part of the world has made such enormous progress, to which the other parts of the world don’t even come close. There must be some explanation, why is it? The only thing that distinguishes the West from the rest is Christianity.”

And this:

“We are ourselves the victims of decades of leftist propaganda, so it’s understandable that many of us have actually embraced them, believed in them. But there are many [myths in what they say]: first of all, that all religions are the same. This is absurd. If you want to think scientifically and look at empirical evidence, where are Christian terrorists? Let’s look around ourselves, there aren’t any.

But there are so many Muslim terrorists, and not only that, all over the world violence is initiated mostly by Islam. No other religion really, but certainly not Christianity.”

So do not buy into the notion that all religions are alike.  That is NOT true.  There is absolutely no comparison between Christianity and Islam.  Christianity is superior.

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