Open Letter To Our Jewish Friends

Fellow infidels,

I think you will enjoy reading Constantine’s open letter to our Jewish friends – Burkasrugly

Dear Jewish friends:

Upon the rare occasion of Thanksgiving Day and the start of Hanukkah being on the same day let me wish you both a Happy Hanukkah and a blessed Thanksgiving Day. A wise Jewish friend of mine tells me it will be 70,000 years before the confluence of the two holidays occurs again. I doubt that I will live another 1,000 years, though there are people who believe I am that old now.

This year the tiny nation of Israel finds itself facing the most serious threat since its founding in 1948. The radical Ayatollahs who deny the first Holocaust are preparing a second Holocaust in the blast of thermonuclear fireballs. They call the event “a Holocaust in an afternoon.” Never in my long years of life did I ever believe an American President would abandon Israel. But the Great Prevaricator Barack Obama is throwing Israel to the cruel wolves of an Islamic atomic Iran.

I am both ashamed and appalled by the actions of this traitorous American President.

My message to Israel is do not give up hope. Israel has consistently won battles against overwhelming odds. The Israeli Defense Force, pound for pound, is perhaps the greatest military organization in the world. I am sure the IDF has a plan to deal with Iran.

But there is another reason for hope. The great Author and Judge of human history still decides the fates of men and nations. This abominable cruelty will not ultimately prevail. A simple Jewish carpenter said two thousand years ago, “Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.” Love will ultimately conquer hatred, war will give way to peace, and irrational violence will contain the seeds of its own destruction. Islam will not conquer. Instead there is great risk that it will end up on the ash heap of history,

Israel shall survive and prosper.

Shalom, my friends


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