Muslim Marriage Rules

Fellow Infidels,

Recently a Muslim student at ASU wrote an opinion piece about the unending virtues of Islam. In one paragraph he even went so far as to claim that men and women were equal in Islam. Well, leave it to our own Constantine to sort of the facts from fiction. He spells out in the blog below just how “equal” women in Islam are. Happy reading! Burkasrugly

1. A Muslim man can marry a Jewish, Christian or Muslim woman.

2. A Muslim woman cannot marry a Jewish or Christian man. She
is required by the Hadiths to marry only a Muslim man.

3. A Muslim man can have up to four wives at one time. He can have all the concubines (sex slaves) his wicked little heart desires.

4. All children fathered by the Muslim males are by birth Muslims.

5. If for instance, a child has a Muslim father and a Jewish mother, the child cannot leave Islam for Judaism. Again, according to Sharia law, the child is guilty of apostasy and can be legally killed.

6. Only Muslim men can divorce Muslim women. This is done by the
Muslim man saying three times, “I divorce you.” Or in the case of
progressive Muslim societies this can be done with three text messages. Women can never divorce their husband.

7. The children belong to the father. There is no such thing as joint custody.

8. There is no alimony and certainly not a child allowance.

This, my friends, is how Muslims treat men and women equally.

Any questions ?

In hoc signo,


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