America Is “Promised Land” For Survivor Of Acid Attack

Fellow infidels,

After listening to Julie Aftab’s story, none of us – as Christians – should ever complain.  Julie describes America as ”the Promised Land.”  She was a Christian in the Muslim majority country of Pakistan, working in a call center when she was just 16 years old when two men attacked her by throwing acid in her face and pouring it down her throat.  This horrific attack was perpetrated by adherents of the “Religion of Peace.”  They were merely following what the Prophet Mohammed deemed as acceptable behavior towards non-Muslims. After all of the pain and suffering Julie went through, she has forgiven the men.  Local conservative radio  host Paul Harrell interviewed Julie. Please click on the link below and listen to her fascinating story.  The interview starts at about the 1 hr 36 minute mark:

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