Saudi Women Want End To Male Guardianship Laws

Fellow infidels,

According to The Clarion Project:

A petition demanding the end of male guardianship in Saudi Arabia was delivered to the Kingdom’s Shura Council (a formal advisory body). The petition also calls for changes in Saudi’s family law with regards to custody of children and the right of divorce. In addition, the petition demands an end to the Kingdom’s ban on women driving.

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are not allowed to hold a driver’s license. Also under Saudi law, all women and girls must have a male guardian. In most cases, women in the Kingdom are forbidden from travelling, doing business, marrying, divorcing, opening a bank account – even undergoing certain medical procedures – without the permission of their guardian.

Women are treated like imbeciles in Saudi Arabia…they can’t drive or go anywhere without men, but yet the (male) leaders of the country blame them when they are gang raped by Muslim monsters.

A woman’s guardian can be her father, brother, husband – even her son.

Wow, her  teen-age son can tell her what she can and cannot do.  What a friggin’ power trip, huh?  It is going to be hard to wrest the control from these men.  They love beating up women, stoning them to death, raping them, etc., with absolutely no retribution.

Last month, controversy erupted after a female student died of a heart attack in Riyadh’s King Saud University. The local paper Okaz reported that the university took an hour to allow male paramedics to enter the building due to the university’s strict rules against allowing men on the female-only campus.

Geez…sounds kinda like the time the religious police kept throwing the school girls back into the burning school to their excruciating death.  These men are so brainwashed that they care more about Mohammed’s satanic rules and regulations than they do about human beings.  Oh, well, they are willing to murder their own babies, wo what will they do to ours???

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