Imam: 6-Year-Old Girls Can Look ‘Sexy’ To Their Own Dad

Fellow infidels,

You can tell where Muslim mens’ minds are…in the gutter.



Here is why we have a problem with this:  This ‘holy’ man naturally assumes that fathers will be aroused by their little daughters’ bodies.  This line of thinking is not unusual for the Muslim world…because sex seems to be main focal point of Muslim men (72 virgins, eh?).  After all, Mohammed made up rules as he went along claiming he could marry a 6-year-old child and consummate the marriage when she was 9.  SICK!  We all pity the poor little children who are trapped in the black world of Islam.

Girls should be respected, not treated as if they have no right to a normal childhood.  Hey, Muslim men – little girls do not want to marry a 70-year-old sex fiend.  This is unnatural!

Until next time,


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