Clubs vs AK47s

Fellow infidels,

Christians are being slaughtered by Muslims in Nigeria and other places around the world, but now they are fighting back. For instance, Boko Haram, the notorious Muslim group who kidnapped a bunch of mostly Christian girls and made them convert to Islam ,got a surprise when a Christian group called the Borno Youth Association for Peace and Justice recently fought back and won.  Constantine details the story below – Burkasrugly

People in the northern Nigerian state of Borno are fed up with the inability of Nigeria to protect them from the ravages of Boko Haram. As most of us are aware Boko Haram (Western education is forbidden) is an Islamic terror group that has killed over 2,000 people just this year, in addition to abducting 300 teenage Christian girls and selling them into sexual slavery. (By the way, Mohammed, the perfect man of Islam, endorsed this practice.)

As a result of the inability of the national government to protect its citizenry several self-defense groups have sprung up. The liberal western media has termed these groups vigilantes. This is a very unfair and pejorative characterization. The largest of these groups is called the Borno Youth Association for Peace and Justice, but is also known as the Civilian JTF (Joint Task Force).

Last week the Civilian JTF won an astounding victory over the much better armed Boko Haram. JTF got wind of an upcoming Boko Haram raid on a Nigerian town called Rann in Borno state. Immediately they went to work digging a network of protective trenches. The Boko Haram ambushers were ambushed themselves. The Civilian JTF killed over 200 members of Boko Haram, captured 35, plus lots of ammo, AK47s, several pickup trucks and even an Armored Personnel Carrier. Sadly, the Civilian JTF lost 20 of its own members. However, the Civilian JTF was armed mainly with clubs, knives, a few old guns, and believe it or not, bows and arrows. This lopsided victory was won by a bunch of brave young men who brought knives to a gunfight.

How did they win ? Well they showed a superior grasp of tactics. Fighting from prepared, concealed positions they surprised Boko Haram and devastated the terrorists. When murderous terrorists started running, the Civilian JTF got out of their trenches and
started tracking down these criminals and killing them one by one. The JTF had seen family members, pastors and fellow Christians hacked to death by Boko Haram machetes. They were eager to turn the tables and stop the horrible carnage. In short, they had a deeply held reason to fight. Boko Haram, on the other hand, fought mainly to gain easily obtained booty. And when the terrorists were opposed by club and knife wielding Christian young men, they turned tail and ran.

During World War II the Allies dropped tens of thousands single shot pistols called “Liberators” to the enslaved people of Europe. The Resistance used these cheap pistols to kill Nazis and take their better rifles, pistols and grenades. Lots of Germans were shot in the back and then “liberated” of their technologically superior weaponry. There is in Nigeria already the equivalent of the “Liberator.” Nigeria is a former British colony. Up until the 1970s the Nigerian army used the British Enfield .303 bolt-action rifle. I would bet there are thousands of these old rifles still in the country. The boys (most JTF members are 15-25 years old) of the Civilian JTF would love to have these weapons. Within six months such a force could roll up Boko Haram and at the same time secure much better weaponry for themselves.

These brave young men are defending Western Civilization with their very lives. We, in the West, need to channel help to the JTF (And I don’t mean #HashTags). A small investment in ammo, arms and communication gear would reap huge rewards. We need to get our heads together and think of how to get help to these courageous freedom fighters.

Let’s put Boko Haram out of business !

In hoc signo vinces,


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