Muslims Fail To Silence Nonie Darwish At Arkansas State University

Fellow infidels,

Even in a small Southern college town in the middle of the Bible Belt, the  Muslim Student Association, which has reportedly had some ties to terrorists, is trying to exert its influence.

The Muslim Student Association, using its usual scare tactics, failed to stop anti-sharia speaker Nonie Darwish last Tuesday night, October 11, 2011. Darwish, who is director of Former Muslims United, was on campus to speak at a scheduled Lecture/Concert event. When the ASU Muslim Student Association got wind of her imminent appearance they went into action sending a protest letter to school administrators.  I suppose we should at least give credit to the administrators who did not back down and disinvite her.

In part, the letter said this:

We believe that her presence on this campus increases the chances of hate related crime and possible personal injury to Muslim ASU students, faculty and citizens of Jonesboro, God forbid it. If there is any violent and hateful backlash vented upon any Muslims students, any Muslims who live in Jonesboro or any Muslim organization or building in Jonesboro following her speech, both she and ASU may well be held legally responsible.

Pardon me, but Americans are not into hate crimes. This statement is from an organization that has been called “a virtual terror factory” by terrorism expert Patrick Poole in a blog posted on Jihad Watch.   Poole goes on to say that “Time after time after time again, we see these terrorists — and not just fringe members: these are MSA leaders, MSA presidents, MSA national presidents — who’ve been implicated, charged and convicted in terrorist plots.”  As Jihad Watch states, The Muslim Students Association is ”the mother ship of all the Muslim Brotherhood front groups.”

The ASU newspaper, The Herald, was at the event and put the story on the front page. You can read it here.   Apparently, the writer could not resist editorializing as she wrote “Perhaps the most calm and understanding members of the audience were the Muslim students.”  Many who were in the audience would beg to differ.

The MSA walked out en masse when Ms. Darwish correctly stated the fact that a group of Christians ruled by Sharia law were gunned down as they walked out of a church on Christmas night.  To borrow a phrase from Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men,”  the members of the MSA could not handle the truth.

If the MSA is “peaceful” then why did Ms. Darwish require police protection in the lecture hall?  Does ASU have problems like this with its Hindu students? Buddhist students? Jewish students?  What about Christian students?  No one wants to admit it, but everyone tiptoes around the supremacist sensibilities of the adherents of the “Religion of Peace”.

One of the sideshows during the lecture was the statement by a self-proclaimed former Jew who claimed that he became enlightened two years ago and became a follower of Mohammed.  The gentleman, who was dressed in full Islamic regalia including a skullcap, robe, and sandals, went on to claim that the Jews were the ones who were responsible for 9-11.  Nice. The MSA probably loves this useful idiot.

Ms. Darwish also spoke the next night at a meeting of the Jonesboro chapter of ACT! for America.  No one walked out of her lecture during this meeting.  During her talk, Darwish showed some video clips that she said that she was not allowed to show at ASU the previous night. Great….the local university has bowed to Sharia law.

If you missed either gathering, you can go here and see Paul Harrell’s radio interview with Ms. Darwish.

The story is spreading far and wide, as The American Spectator reported on the incident, as well as Youth for Western Civilization , the Winds of Jihad,  and Nitemare’s Den.  Once the youth catch on to the Islamic deception (look up the definition of taqyyia) they will reject this assault on their culture, freedom, and their way of life.

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