Louis Farrakhan’s Islamic Storm Troopers

Fellow Kaffirs,

It is an understatement to say that Louis Farrakhan is a dangerous man- Burkasrugly

Every dictator has a select body of men that brutally enforce their twisted ideology. Hitler had his Brown Shirts that were tasked with beating and killing his opponents in the Fuhrer’s rise to power. Benito Mussolini (Winston Churchill referred to him as a “Sawdust Caesar”) had his Black Shirt thugs to enforce his fascist beliefs. And so does Louis Farrakhan Muhammad the leader of the Nation of Islam. He has the New Black Panther Party to carry out his delusional, yet dangerous, bidding.

Louis Farrakhan who has his own bizarre interpretation of Islam (even more bizarre than the 7th Century founder) is the unquestioned leader of Nation of Islam. The Nation of Islam is a predominantly black movement that emphasizes how white people have oppressed blacks. There are even references to white people being space aliens who conquered and enslaved the original humanity, black people. Any where except today’s hyper Politically Correct America Farrakhan would be considered a first class loony tune, a really dangerous loony tune.

Lately, Farrakhan’s tirades are growing ever more homicidal in nature. He was caught on video telling his rapt followers that killing white people was justice. Also, on video he tells his demented groupies  “We’ll tear this God**** country up.” See the video attachment below.


Nation of Islam works hand in glove with the New Black Panther Party. The original Black Panther Party was a black supremacist movement born in the mid- 1960s. The New Black Panther Party is an ISLAMIC black supremacist movement. Its membership is filled with America hating black Muslim extremists who have murdered their way across the American landscape. Murder and mayhem has been their modus operandi coming, of course, directly down the corridors of history from the original terrorist, Mohammed
the founder of Islam.

The two NYPD officers killed two weeks ago were murdered by a cop hating Islamist whose Facebook page was filled with violent quotes from that original terrorist training manual, otherwise known as the Koran. He by his own admission claimed to be a Muslim. He was also a member of the Black Guerrilla Family an organization that is closely allied with the New Black Panther Party.

Farrakhan is openly advocating a real war against all things Judeo-Christian. It is now open season on all white, Asian, Hispanic, and yes, millions of good, decent black people who cling to their Christian culture.

Louis Farrakhan Muhammad is one of the most evil demagogues in America today.

In hoc signo vinces,


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