Here Be Monsters !

The following Editorial letter was published  in the Jonesboro, AR newspaper.  It was written by the local ACT Chapter leader:

Here Be Monsters !

Three hundred years ago much of the earth’s surface was uncharted. Often large,
dangerous, unmapped areas  carried the legend “Here Be Monsters”. In other words,
venture into these areas at your own risk.

Today, large areas of western Iraq, eastern Syria and a small sliver of eastern Lebanon
should be designated “Here Be Monsters”. These areas were conquered while Obama slept
or played his too frequent rounds of golf. Whether you call them ISIL or ISIS or IS (Islamic
State) the Muslim extremist cancer continues its metastasis. These are cruel and brutal
fiends devoid of the slightest scintilla of human decency. With sadistic pleasure they cut
off the heads of eight year old children, rape little girls as young as four and now, burn a prisoner of war to death. Don’t believe me just Google “ISIS atrocities. However, I warn you, be prepared to be sickened by disturbing graphic images  of unspeakable violence.

Ralph Peters, Fox correspondent, summed up ISIS by referring to them as an “apocalyptic
murder cult”. ISIS is so violent even al-Qaeda has formally disavowed ISIS. Think about that for a moment. The terrorist group that savagely murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11 thinks ISIS is too brutal and extreme. That’s really going some.

All civilized peoples must unite to destroy ISIS from the face of earth. These murderous fanatics have forfeited all claims to any humanity. Only then will Yazidis, Jews, Christians and Shia Muslims be safe. Only then will Muslims who don’t measure up to the self appointed standards of ISIS be free of peril.

“An appeaser” Winston Churchill wrote, “is like a man who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.” King Abdullah of Jordan has a hundred times the moral compass of our feckless, immature President Obama.

Robert Norvell

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