Yasir Qadhi – In his own words.

Yasir Qadhi – In his own words.


Shaykh Yasir Qadhi graduated with a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston, after which he was accepted as a student at the Islamic University of Madinah. After completing a diploma in Arabic, he graduated with a B.A. from the College of Hadith and Islamic Sciences, and then completed a M.A. in Islamic Theology from the College of Dawah. He then returned to America, and completed a PhD in Religious Studies from Yale University.

He has authored several books, published academic articles, and appeared on numerous satellite and TV stations around the globe.
Shaykh Yasir Qadhi is a resident Scholar of the Memphis Islamic Center. He is also a professor at Rhodes College, in the Department of Religious Studies.

1. In the past, Qadhi has denied the Holocaust. In this recording1, Qahdi recommends the book, “Hoax of the Holocaust”. Later, after receiving much negative publicity about his denial, he visited the concentration camps and withdrew his previous statements.

2. In an article HERE 2, Qadhi states Dr. Ali al-Timimi was his mentor and Qadhi says, “I personally owe a lot to Sh. al-Timimi, and I can say (with pride) that fifteen years ago, back in the early 90’s, he played an instrumental role in shaping and directing me to take the path that has led me to where I am today. “

On September 23, 2004, the forty-year-old al-Timimi (based in Fairfax, Virginia) was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges that in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks he urged a group of Muslim-American men to travel to Afghanistan and fight a “holy war” against the U.S. troops who went there to overthrow the Taliban regime, which had permitted and supported the operations of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Today, Ali Al-Tamimi is serving a LIFE sentence at the Hazelton (West Virginia) United States Penitentiary (Federal BOP# 48054-083).

3. In this video3, Qadhi is doing a TV program in the UK and speaks against the fact that a news service had recorded activity inside a mosque. At minute 8:46, he declares, “We are loyal to our countries insofar as it does not interfere with our religion of Islam”. Clearly, he is referring to the Sharia Law that always puts Islamic law above national law.

4. In the recording at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1jC0y8hIs8,4 Qadhi refers to Christians and Jews as “filthy” because they have not accepted Islam.

5. This video 5 shows Qadhi speaking to students and saying it is unbelievable that people would come together and vote to decide the law of the land. He goes on to say that only the law of Allah is able to set the law for all people. This idea is the fundamental between Islam and Western Civilization. While all belief systems have their religious laws, there is a big difference between how Islam views this concept. Jews have Halakhah or Jewish law and members of the Jewish faith are expected to follow these laws. Catholics have the Cannons and members of the Catholic church are expected to follow the Cannons. The Methodist have the Book of Discipline, the Baptist have the Baptist Faith and Message. In each case, the members of that faith are expected to follow the doctrine (or laws) of their faith. This is where Islam is VERY different. Muslims have Sharia Law but they expect (demand) that everyone, Muslims AND non-Muslims adhere to Sharia Law. This makes Islam a political system that is carried out as a religious obligation. This video is a perfect example of that thinking.

6. The unequal treatment of women is expressed in this video6 where Qadhi states that women should not work except in special cases (teachers of girls and nurses for other women, etc).

7. This article and video 7 highlights Qadhi telling the audience that the Quran “destroys” American capitalism.

8. In this interview,8 Qadhi appears to condemn the actions of ISIS but he explains that they are motivated by the brutality of the American foreign policy. Theses statements start about minute 7:17 in the interview. On his Facebook page posted DEC 30, 2014 at 3:02 pm (see below), he states, “While it is true that the base cause of such extremisms is the chaos and bloodshed caused by the foreign policies of Western powers in Muslim lands”.







5https://www.dropbox.com/s/6uw4gwiurp3gely/Qadhi Fundamentals of Faith.wmv




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