You just can’t make up this stuff!

1. Pamela Geller held the Draw Mohamed cartoon contest in Garland, TX on 03 MAY 2015.

2. Two radical Muslims drive from Phoenix, AZ to Garland, TX with the intention of creating a mass shooting at the “Draw Mohamed” venue. Both of the shooters are killed by police when they wound a parking lot security guard and fire at a police officer.

3. The dead Muslim shooters are associated with the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix, AZ.

4. On 29 MAY 2015, a protest is held in front of the Phoenix Islamic Community Center that claims is for the purpose of demonstrating the protesters freedom of speech. The organizer of the protest, Jon Ritzheimer, is wearing a T-shirt that says “F*** Islam”. In one picture, he is shown with another individual wearing the same T-shirt and that individual is named as Jason Leger in the photo caption.

5. On JUN 2, FOX 10 TV station in Phoenix did a news story that featured an interview with Jason Leger. One of the two news anchors that broadcast this story was a lady named Samia Khan.

6. Samia Khan and her co-host talked about the fact that Jason Leger had worn the offensive T-shirt and been part of the demonstration. They then reported that he (Leger) was invited into the mosque by the Mosque leadership. They further told the story of how Leger was overwhelmed by how friendly the people were and how they answered all his questions. The general line of comments told of how Leger had a complete change of heart and now fully supported the mosque completely.

7. TV host Samia Khan and her co-host then ran an interview that one of their reporters had done with Leger following his visit inside the mosque. Leger went on for 20 minutes about how great the people were and how wrong he was to wear the shirt, etc.

8. At one point during the interview the reporter asked Leger if he meet anyone in the mosque that he knew. Leger says he did run into an old friend that was a previous neighbor that he grew up with. The reporter ask if Leger knew back then if his friend was a Muslim and Leger responds by saying, “No, I believe he also converted. It happened later in life. He was a lot like me and made some wrong decisions and he found a way to make better his life.

9. The comment that his friend ALSO converted suggested that Leger is making a slip, stating he (Leger) is a convert. There is no other scenario that would makes sense in the context of the conversation (unless the reporter was Muslim and Leger knew that).

10. This raises the question of whether this whole incident was a set up. If so, who all was involved with setting it up and for what purpose.

11. There have been numerous “hate” crimes reported across the country where Muslims have staged a crime against themselves or their property to offer proof they are being made victims.

12. One such staged hate crime was in Fresno, CA where a window of the mosque was broken out. The man arrested for this vandalism against the mosque was a member of the mosque, Asif Mohammad Khan, 28. He is the brother of Samia Khan, the FOX 10 TV news anchor who did the story in Phoenix on Leger.

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