Lone Wolf or Wolf Pack ?

After Thursday’s murderous jihadi attack that killed four Marines in Chattanooga the press is going into a frenzy trying to explain the rise of so called lone wolf attacks. How is it
that seemingly peaceful (Islam is the religion of peace, right?) Muslims suddenly
become motivated to launch uber violent attacks against infidels. It’s almost as if future
Jihadis are sitting around their bedrooms when some unexplainable cosmic event
turns them into killing machines.

In reality there are no lone wolf attacks. The lone wolf attack is a misnomer that exists only in the psyche of largely uninformed journalists.

The so called lone wolf attacks are orchestrated by the international jihadi movement.
One must have a good understanding of the Koran, the Hadiths (the collective body of
Mohammed’s teachings) and the Sira (the biography of Mohammed) to understand this fact. These three works are the definitive trilogy of Islam. Without at least a rudimentary understanding of these three seminal works a journalist is clueless about militant Islam. The lone wolf attack is a fictitious mental construct of the intellectually challenged and woefully ignorant liberal press.

We do not have so much lone wolf attacks as we do have a large worldwide attack by a pack of wolves. The wolves are all motivated by a common ideology arising from the life of
Mohammed and his criminal colleagues. The actions of the worldwide wolf pack are deliberately designed to kill and terrorize. What we have, are Islamic wolf packs in the thousands right here in America waiting for a directive from ISIS or some other jihadi group to launch their devastating attacks on innocent Americans.

The common thread to all these attacks is the example of the prophet Mohammed and the
twisted, sick, sadistic ideology of a supremacist, violent Islam. All the players are reading from a common script. Thus, there are no lone wolf attacks. All the Muslim wolves world wide are reading from the same playbook. All Jihadis follow the example of the original terrorist, Mohammed.

The sooner we understand this lesson, the sooner we can protect our country, the sooner we can begin destroying the plague of international jihad and the sooner Western Civilization can be saved.

In hoc signo vinces,


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