Worcester (MA.) Islamic Center Greets Yasir Qadhi

By jayhgivan    
Dec. 5, 2015 12:25 p.m.


Yasir Qadhi, a Holocaust denier and once on a terror watch list, is speaking at the Worcester Islamic Center (WIC), just days after the latest US attack by Islamic terrorists in San Bernadino.

From counterjihadreport, ‘Yasir Qadhi, imam of Al-Maghrib Institute in Memphis ” TN, studied under Ali al-Timimi, who was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of encouraging violent jihad against Americans, after 9/11, and Qadhi was on a terror watch list in 2006. In 2003, Timimi stated, ‘Muslims were overjoyed because of the adversity that befell their greatest enemy’ (the U.S.).’

Peace & Tolerance (with active sourced links in it) states the ‘WIC [Worcester Islamic Center] has lived up to its extremist roots. In 2011, WIC hosted a fundraising event for Aafia Siddiqui, who, a year earlier, was convicted of attempting to murder American officers in Afghanistan. Siddiqui has been described by FBI Director Robert S. Mueller as ‘an al-Qaeda operative and facilitator.’

In this YouTube video (less than three minutes), Yasir Qadhi says ‘Jihad is a means and not a goal in of itself. It is a means to establish monotheism on the land . . . the life and property of a mushrik (non muslim) holds no value in the state of jihad.’ He then proceeds to call Christians filthy and filthy impure dirty substances.

This is just the latest coming from the Worcester Islamic Center. As written in previous blogs, such as ‘Connections Here and There‘, the WIC’s ten year history has been riddled with links, associations, and connections to radicalized people and groups.

Here is a portion of that blog:

“The Telegram & Gazette, August 1, 2004, reported Dr. Ihab Dabbagh, president of the Islamic Society of Worcester, said of the $3.3 million dollar Islamic Center on East Mountain St, ‘most Islamic centers in the United Sates, including their previous location, ‘have been financed by wealthy individuals or governments in Islamic countries’, and many of the WIC members are from Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia.

In June 2007, after the Worcester Islamic Center’s opening in October 2005, imam Mahmood, in the country illegally, abruptly fled the country and has been reported to be running a safe house for terrorists in Pakistan.

The following year, 2008, the previous WIC imam and Mahmood’s brother, imam Masood, plead guilty to multiple counts of visa fraud at the Islamic Center New England in Sharon, and reportedly obtained his visa from Muhammad Khalil, ‘convicted on charges of conspiring to submit hundreds of false applications on behalf of illegal aliens from the Middle East, exploiting a program that provides specialized visas for foreign workers with religious training to work with religious organizations in the United States’.

Then, in 2009, Tareq Mehanna, their religion teacher best known for plotting a terrorist attack at a shopping mall. Mehanna’s co-conspirator, Ahmad Abousamra, is now the social media guru for ISIS, one of the bloodiest terrorist groups in the world.

Mehanna, as reported, wanted to join the terrorist group LeT, Lashkar-e-Toiba (Soldiers of the Pure), founded by the imams’ other brother, Hafiz Saeed, whose group is responsible for the Mumbai massacre. An LeT commander, Zakiur Rehman Lakhv, has just been released from an Islamabad prison.”

Considering the WIC’s and Yasir Qadhi’s past in light of the latest terrorist attacks in San Bernadino, isn’t good judgement to cancel this event?

Considering a WIC developer hoping to building a massive 40B development in West Boylston at a time when military age males will soon be arriving as ‘refugees’ {cough cough wink wink} – they need to live somewhere, the WB Zoning Board of Appeals better start realizing fast they are a wartime ZBA.

Among all the historical problems the site has – comprehensive permits, lack of water pressure, how it will affect the schools, etc, does the ZBA really want to, in president Obama’s words, take a chance on ‘fundamentally transforming’ the town they represent?

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