Attorney General Lynch Imposes Sharia Law On Americans

Fellow kafirs,
Yes, she essentially has done that by basically saying that you cannot criticize Islam. Loretta Lynch recently warned that anyone deemed speaking what she called “anti-Muslim rhetoric” would be investigated and potentially charged with a hate crime. What? No First Amendment anymore? Why isn’t she talking about arresting muslims for threatening Americans like you can see in this video HERE? You will DEFINITELY want to watch this video by Joe Walsh. Let’s make this thing go viral!  He flat out states that Islam is a cancer and he dares the nation’s top cop, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, to prosecute him for criticizing Islam.


This woman is more worried about the non-existent, phantom, liberal fantasy of ‘muslim backlash’ than she is about the REAL terrorism that muslims perpetrate upon non-muslims.  Sheesh!  We Americans bend over backwards to NOT be seen as ‘intolerant.’  The neighbors of the scumbags that slaughtered 14 people in San Bernadino were afraid that they would be called ‘racists’ or ‘Islamaphobes’ if they reported their suspicions.  The liberal nuts are driving Americans friggin’ crazy with this stuff…..telling them on one hand to ‘say something if you see something’ while at the same time brainwashing them into thinking that they should not speak up when they DO see something for fear of the PC police.  Maybe 14 people would be alive if the people had not been cowed into thinking that a legitimate concern was racism.

No one should ever incite violence against a group of people.  However, when people notice suspicious activity going on and report it, they should not be accused of being bigots. Islam does have a problem with violence and it is taught in the Koran.  This is an established fact.  No amount of denying it will make it untrue.  The entire civilized world must hold the leaders of this so-called religion accountable for the violence and they MUST come up with a plan to end it.  For all of our sakes.

BTW, why isn’t Lynch investigating CAIR and its lies?  CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the infamous Holy Land Foundation trial.

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