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Please read Constantine’s blog below – Burkasrugly

Raymond Ibrahim, a Coptic Christian, has written the definitive work on the persecution of Christians and Jews. In his book, “Crucified Again “,Mr. Ibrahim contends that Muslims are waging a war of annihilation against Christians. Over 95% of Christians are killed by Muslims in 47 majority Islamic nations.

Ibrahim states that a Christian is killed by a Muslim every 5 minutes somewhere in the world. Do the math to reach a horrifying conclusion. That means 12 Christians are killed by the followers of Allah every hour. Every day these mad Muslim monsters murder 288 followers of Christ. The monthly total of slaughtered Christians reaches a staggering total of 8,640. Yearly almost a 104,000 Christians are shot, hung, crucified, beheaded, stoned and murdered by these Muslim savages.

Muslims are also gleefully killing Hindus, Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists, atheists, and moderate Muslims in huge numbers. All these people are being killed by the direct command of Mohammed who wished to have the world populated by Muslims with all the non-believers turned into corpses rotting in the sun.

Notice we are not including in these terrible statistics the hundreds of thousands of people injured in explosions. Or the women who have been brutally raped. Nor the poor people who have suffered amputations or floggings, or disfigurement with acid.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of Christian clergy never speak on the subject of Christian persecution. Nary a peep out of them lest they offended someone in their church. These cowardly curs are not worthy of our respect. They refuse to see the truth, all the while hoping these problems will pass them by. There is none so blind as the person who refuses to open their eyes. These problems will not go away. Ultimately these craven cowards will doom themselves and their parishioners to a horrible fate. Remember the True Ministers are Good Shepherds who protect the flocks entrusted to their care from the ravaging wolves. Right now the Big Bad Wolf is a follower of Mohammed.

Remember the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a courageous Luther pastor who was martyred by the Nazis. “To remain silent in the face of evil is evil itself. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Pastors start standing up for the Truth of the Gospel before it is too late ! Denounce the hatred, bigotry, and evil of Islam from your pulpits !

In hoc signo vinces,


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Violent Muslim Mob Vandalizes Coptic Church

Fellow infidels,

You don’t find this surprising, do you? Regular readers know that “The Religion of Peace” performs all sorts of atrocities, but will you see Diane Sawyer (ABC News anchor) talk about this? No! She and her ilk are so steeped in liberal/progressive ideology that slamming Christians and Christianity is second nature and bowing and scraping to Islam is a given. As I said, you would NEVER see THIS video of vicious mad dog Muslim savages vandalizing a Coptic (Christian) church in Egypt.

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Remziya Suleyman and Sharia what?

Remziya Suleyman has the audacity to place herself on a ‘Dawa”  (proselytizing  of Islam) platform and she doesn’t even know her own doctrine. Seems like a scam folks. Ms. Suleyman parades through the halls of the Legislative building, portraying a false façade to our state leaders , and to many religious leaders throughout the area as well.


How is it that this self-described, Muslim activist lends one to believe she is the authority on her religion ?

“I remember picking up the phone calling my imams from across the state and I’m like guys , what is sharia- explain it to me , I gotta go talk to politicians”

Really Ms. Suleyman? You don’t have a clue.  You may wear the hijab, but that’s about as authentic as you get.  Perhaps Tennessee is waking up to the real Remziya Suleyman.

watch the video:

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Mohammed, The Perfect Man (In His Own Words)

Fellow infidels,

Muslims believe that Mohammed was the perfect man, and he should be emulated.  This explains a lot – Burkasrugly

M. A. Khan, the author of Islamic Jihad, writes of Mohammed, “He was the kindest, fairest, most just, and most merciful, while he possessed no cruelty or barbarity at all.”

The prophet Mohammed when speaking of himself said, “The first thing Allah created was the light of your Prophet from His light. The life of the Prophet Muhammed, the highest perfection of human life for all time, was full of virtues and devoid of any vices. He had all the good characteristics of a human being – be it in sexual morality or kindness – in the highest possible degrees. He was infallible and sinless as Allah himself had  consecrated him.”

In the Quran we read, ” And Allah has not sent you Muhammed but as a mercy to the worlds. (21:107)

Imam al-Ghazzali, the great Islamic scholar, second only to the Prophet wrote: “The apostle always prayed in all humility to Allah for bestowing on him the highest moral qualities and a generous character. He was of exceeding humility and the greatest, the bravest, the justest and the most pious of men…The high standard which the Prophet set in moral behavior as a citizen free or persecuted, as a husband, as a chief, and as a conqueror was never reached by any individual before or since.”

Hence whatever Mohammed did should be emulated by Muslims. All of his actions are a literal template that must be totally adhered to by all of his followers. If Mohammed did it, Muslims should undoubting follow in his foot steps.

Try telling the 800 Jews Mohammed had beheaded that he was the perfect man. Or the Jewess who was raped by Mohammed after watching her husband beheaded earlier that day. Or the numerous persons Mohammed ordered assassinated in order to consolidate his power. Or all the caravan attendants he murdered.

Mohammed was pure evil. And his followers remain pure evil 1400 years after this devilish religion was invented by this madman. Rebecca Bynum got it right in her brilliant book Allah Is Dead, Islam is an immoral religion.

In hoc signo vinces,


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Memphis Imam Spews Jew Hatred

Fellow infidels,

And this man , Yasir Qadhi, spoke to the Muslim Student Association at ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY in the spring of 2012. Apparently, the administration did not know he has advocated replacing American democracy with Islamic rule, according to AtlasShrugs. He spoke of how wonderful women are treated in Islam (what was he smoking?) and how Islam was never forced on people by the sword (I’m rolling on the floor laughing right now). But there are young college kids who might actually listen to this garbage and believe this blasphemy. At least when he was at ASU there were less than 20 people in the audience and all but one was already Muslim.

In the video below Qadhi says this:

“Hitler never intended to mass-destroy the Jews… The Hoax of the Holocaust — I advise you to read this book, you’ll want to write this down — The Hoax of the Holocaust, a very good book. All of this is false propaganda…””—

Listen for yourself how he talks about Jews:



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Florida School Removes Judaism and Christianity History and Replaces With Islam


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By Cheryl K. Chumley / The Washington Times

Advanced Placement history students at one Florida school have plenty of course materials on Islam, including 36 pages in the textbook devoted to the religion. But not so much on Christianity or Judaism — and that has one state lawmaker in an uproar. “The book has a 36-page chapter on Islam but no chapters on Christianity or Judaism,” said

Read more… 767 more words

This is despicable!!
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Amnesty Will Encourage More Terrorists To Cross Border

Fellow infidels,

The idiocy and insanity of our so-called leaders is breathtaking.  They are so busy trying to get Latino votes that they have missed the news that Hezbollah and the Mexican drug cartels are in business together.  Just think, while our illustrious Senators and Congressmen play political games, terrorists are coming across our southern border!  God help us!  Who needs enemies when our own people want to sell us down the river?

Watch the hair-raising video below and then make sure you click on the link below the video to sign the open letter to Congress that urges them to effectively secure the border and strengthen our visa tracking system.


Please click here to add your name to the letter.  Over 14,000 people have already signed.

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Young Girl Escapes From Forced Muslim Marriage

Fellow infidels,

What struck me about this young girl was her intelligence, courage, and passion. She somehow managed to escape from the a forced marriage. Most will not escape. These girls do not even have a chance at childhood! They have to be SEX SLAVES to sick, twisted old men who want to get their jollies with a child! God (the REAL God, Jesus) must be very angry over this atrocity. Please spread the word. In my previous blog, an imam is very agitated and worried that even Muslims are questioning this horrific practice. May the words of this beautiful child haunt everyone who denies the evil influence of Islam in the world, and may it prompt them to get up off their duffs and DO something about this atrocity!


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German Shepherds 1, Muslims 0

Fellow infidels,

If you are a dog lover, you will like the Scarlet Pimpernel’s latest blog.  The Pimpernel points out that dogs are considered filthy in Islam.  I wonder what the dogs think of Muslims?  – Burkasrugly

Much has been made of the fact that dogs are haram (forbidden) in Islam. Mohammed hated dogs. He killed them relentlessly. He taught that angels would not enter a house in which a dog was kept. He even convinced his intelligence impaired followers that keeping dogs would send them on a one way trip to Islamic Hell.

Dogs are considered filth, in the same sense we infidels are considered filth. Hamas teaches Palestinian children to kill puppies as the first step on a life long journey of savagery and murder. In Europe there is a Jihad being waged against beloved canine pets. Dogs are being poisoned in great numbers all across Europe. Often their owners are being beaten up in the process.

Below is a video of a man walking his two German Shepherds in Casablanca, Morocco. The two dogs are accosted by an angry street mob of fanatical jihadists. The Muslims begin throwing rocks and bottles at the two dogs while taunting them with cries of Allahu Akbar. Finally, the dogs cannot take it any longer and unleash their own holy war against the sons of Allah. One hapless Muslim is attacked by the two dogs. One dog seizes the Muslim’s shoulder and the other Shepherd grabs the guy’s ankle. The two very powerful dogs begin playing tug a war with the Muzzy. Obviously the two dogs have vastly superior intelligence to the dumbass Muslim. Watch the video below. Try not to laugh or you, too, will go straight to Muslim Hell.


My faithful Rottweiler Duke died last year. He kept my family safe for 12 years. Often times I would have to be away on Guard duty for extended periods of time. I never feared for the safety of my wife and children. Duke was always on duty. Duke was a very loving, faithful, docile rottweiler. He adored and loved little children. But I did train him to react in a very hostile way to the word “terrorist ” when I pointed to some person. He would have really mauled someone who tried to do my family harm.

Recently, I got another Rottweiler puppy. She shows signs of being a very intelligent dog.  Give her another three months and she will be able to whip any Muslim terrorist. She is extremely fast and can chase down even  the fleetest footed Muslim living.

If there is a heaven for dogs my Duke is there waiting for me. The angels would have been right at home visiting Duke. I suspect the Muslim dog killers have it all wrong. They will go to hell, and dogs, man’s best friend, will go to heaven. St. Peter will probably have a brace of dogs guarding the Pearly Gates.

Get yourself a German Shepherd, a Rottweiler, a Doberman, or even a big English Mastiff. They may prove to be priceless in the near future.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

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Criticizing Islam Baaad ! Beheading Infidels Goood !

Well, Facebook has done it again. That pitiful excuse for a social media outlet that serves to convey inane banalities about the most mundane of events is now censoring free speech. And we are not talking about what I had for lunch, or my vacation plans, or what I did last night. (Who really cares ?)

In the last two weeks Facebook has censored over 40 counter-Jihadi Facebook sites. Either they have been banned or they are so censored as to lose all their cogency. Facebook has become a cyber dhimmi, Facebook has acceded to the Muslim doctrine of blasphemy. Now remember blasphemy is not lying about Islam. It can involve telling the truth about Islam. Anything, even if totally true that portrays Islam in a bad light, is blasphemy.

Let’s take a few concrete examples. If we say Mohammed was a warlord that is a blasphemous statement, even though the hadiths mention he planned or personally led seventy-seven military raids against his enemies. A completely true statement from the hadiths that is derogatory of the Prophet. Likewise, if you say Mohammed was a rapist, a thief, a murderer, a paedophile or a polygamist you are equally guilty. All of these are true statements acknowledged by Islamic sacred literature.

In strict Muslim societies the punishment for blasphemy is either flogging or death. Facebook is destroying our ability to ask critical, but important, questions about the real nature of Islam. It is all about the stifling of free debate in a free society to reach the truth. Yet Islam works ceaselessly to take away this foundational liberty guaranteed by our First Amendment.

Meanwhile, Facebook has not censored a site posted by some crazed Islamist advocating the beheading of infidels. Evidently criticism based upon provable truth, is more heinous than chopping off the heads of unbelievers.

Welcome to the illogical, insane world of Facebook.

In hoc signo vinces,


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