Bill Maher Tells Professor To Tell The Truth About Islam

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Hell must be freezing over because I agree with Bill Maher tonight!  What I am talking about is a video where Maher is talking to a wacky far-left professor about the recent Boston Marathon bombing.  The professor is doing his best to defend Islam and sweep its violent nature under the rug.  He even suggests that Maher is an ‘Islamaphobe.’  Maher was having none of this and pointed out that the professor was engaging in    “liberal bulls$%t.”  Maybe he will influence other liberals to speak out so truthfully.  He did a good job making this professor look like a dunce.  I guarantee you will enjoy this video.  Oh, and I would love to see some comments about it – Burkasrugly



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Low Tech Jihad

Fellow infidels,

The subtitle to this blog by Constantine could be “All infidels are guilty and deserve to die…especially women.” People need to realize that when Muslims say that they are opposed to terrorism against innocent people, they do not mean terrorism against non-Muslims.  That is because in their eyes, only Muslims can be innocent.  This is why they can kill, murder, and maim non-Muslims without batting an eyelash. Make sense? – Burkasrugly

Since Monday the world has rightly focused its attention on the two Islamic terrorists who killed and wounded large numbers of people at the Boston Marathon. But an event occurred in the Queens borough of New York City that was infinitely troubling. Obscured by events in Boston there was a savage Muslim attack on a young 16 year-old girl in the city of New York. Michelle Rodriguez (no relation to an actress with the same name) observed Muslim Omer Khogali attempting to break into several parked cars. She yelled at Omer and told him to stop breaking into cars. He began to walk away. But unknown to Michelle he doubled back and began following her. Then in an alleyway on 43rd Street Omer did the unthinkable. He picked up a brick and beat Michelle Rodriguez within an inch of her life.

He quickly walked away tossing the bloody brick on the sidewalk. Unfortunately for Omer the entire event was caught on a security camera. Police were able to recover the brick coated with Michelle’s blood and hair. DNA testing confirmed this was indeed the weapon used to beat Michelle senseless. Omar has been charged with attempted murder, assault and weapons possession.

Michelle was rushed to a Queens’ hospital in a coma. For days she hovered between life and death. As of Saturday morning she was slightly improved. She was lapsing in and out of a coma. Her doctors reported she still had bleeding on her brain. Even if she survives she will need numerous reconstructive surgeries on her nose, forehead, and skull, More than likely she will suffer life long brain damage. All of us should pray for a full recovery for this courageous young lady.

Omer Kohagali was acting out of his traditional Islamic belief system. First, the property (the cars) of infidels was free for the taking by Muslims. He was simply helping himself to what Mohammed and Allah had already decreed was halal (permissible) for him to take. Secondly, a woman told him to stop breaking into cars. No Muslim man takes orders from a woman. Mohammed had already authorised the beating of disobedient women in the sacred Koran. And thirdly, she was an infidel woman.

All infidels are guilty and deserve to die. Not having a gun, knife or bomb Omer picked up a four pound brick off the street and bashed in her head. Muslims have had a 1400 year history of killing people with brick and rocks. Done collectively by a group of Muslims it is called stoning. This was an act by a one man Muslim lynch mob in which Omer Khogali functioned as judge, jury and executioner.

Stoning has come to America.

In hoc signo vinces,


(Note to self. Must write Senator Dianne Feinstein of California. She must put

forward a bill in the Senate banning assault bricks. Also, we need background

checks on insane Muslims forbidding them to buy or posses assault bricks.

Surely she will be sympathetic to taking assault bricks off the streets of America.)

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If Hitler Invaded Hell

“If Hitler invaded hell I would at least make a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.”

Winston S Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain

First of all, this quote is not literal but rather metaphorical. To instill a wooden literalism to this quote is to invoke great injustice upon Churchill. This quote is derived from the period in World War II when Great Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union forged a grand alliance against Hitler’s Germany. Churchill had many critics in England who objected to any cooperation with Joseph Stalin on the grounds that he, too, was a dictator. Churchill persisted in the formation of his Grand Alliance eventually leading to the total defeat of Hitler and his malevolent minions.

There is much to learn from the life of Churchill. We often forget that Churchill fought in two wars before he turned twenty-four against militant fanatical Muslims. The first war was a punitive raid in the Malakand area of today’s Pakistan. The second war a year later was fought in the Sudan. Here British forces with the assistance of Egyptian troops trounced an army of 60,000 dervishes with an Anglo-Egyptian army of 16,000. In the climactic battle (Omdurman) of the campaign the British lost 100 dead while the Muslim side suffered at least 11,000 dead and more than 16,000 wounded. Churchill witnessed the cruelty and the backwardness of the Muslim hordes first hand. The rest of his life he viewed Islam as the most retrograde force in world history.

Churchill also said the further we see into the past, the further we can see into the future. Santayana put it this way. “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” America today is filled with historical nincompoops. The Nincompoop in Chief is Barack Hussein Obama. I guess he skipped his history classes to engage in his favorite pastime of using illegal drugs.

Churchill knew in war everything must be subordinated to the final goal of victory. Last Monday war came to the streets of Boston. A terrorist act was committed against the population of that city. Three persons were killed and more than 200 were wounded. (Most likely the result of fanatical, barbaric Presbyterian terrorists. I jest !) Our nation as well as every liberty loving nation on the face of the earth is at war with these monsters, whether we acknowledge it or not.

Like Churchill we need leaders with strong values and well-formed moral compasses. We do not need leaders who are pusillanimous, the ilk of poltroons like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Holder and Napolitano. We need leadership that acknowledges openly and proudly the superiority of the Judeo-Christian ethic. We must do whatever is required to save Western Civilisation from Islam and its inevitable traveling companion, Sharia Law, the most destructive legal code ever.

In this worldwide fight we need to quit ousting dictators in favor of even worse diabolical tyrants. We allowed the Shah of Iran to be replaced by the Ayatollah Khomeini who turned out to be a hundred times more repressive of human rights. Two years ago Obama tossed Hosni Mubarak to the Islamic dogs of the Muslim Brotherhood. Once again the dictator Mubarak was infinitely preferable to Morsi and his Christian killing cutthroats of the Brotherhood.

Now Obama is siding against Assad of Syria. Assad has been relatively protective of Christians, Druze, Shia and Sunni. Even now Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah are jockeying for position to overthrow Assad and replace him with something far worse.

In the military you are taught to take out the most direct threat to your unit first. For purposes of discussion let us assume three assailants are firing at you. One of the assailants is six hundred yards from you, the second enemy gunman is three hundred yards away, but a third is a mere twenty yards away. Who do you kill (Sorry, PC culture, the word I should use is “neutralize”) first ? The rifleman 600 yards distant does not have much chance of hitting you. He can wait. The second gunman 300 years distant probably will not be able to hit you, especially if he is a Muslim and does not believe in aiming trusting to Allah to guide the bullet. He is somewhat safe to ignore for a few seconds. But the guy a measly 20 yards away needs to be terminated with extreme prejudice quickly. Even if he belongs to the pray and spray school of marksmanship he must be dealt with fast. The prudent course of action would be to slip your M-16 on to three round burst mode and give him two trigger pulls. Six rounds in his torso should qualify him for 72 virgins in the Big Whore House in the Sky. Now you can take care of the other two riflemen.

Stopping the worldwide Jihad must become Priority One for the free nations of the world. Going to the mall must become the last priority in life (War is Hell). Muslim savages will never love us even if we give them chocolate ice cream twice a day. But they can damn well be taught to fear us. The late, great Osama bin Ladin said when men look at a strong horse and a weak horse, they always prefer the strong horse. The United States and our allies must become the strong horses of the world. That is the only virtue that will save our culture. Religious sensitivity, multiculturalism, and political correctness will invite even more attacks from the Jihadis.

If they will not love us, then they must be taught to fear us !

In hoc signo vinces,


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Christian And Jewish Graves Desecrated By Muslim Mob

Fellow infidels,

(Hat tip to Darrell for sending us this). Watch the disgusting video below where a Muslim mob desecrate a cemetery in Libya where Jews and Christians were laid to rest. If this happened in the West and Christians and Jews did this to a Muslim graveyard, then all hell would break loose. Muslims would throw a big fit and innocent people around the world would be murdered by these animals. Oops, there I go again, insulting animals. Anyway, notice in the video they are sawing down the cross that stand above the graveyard. Also, listen to them saying Allauah Akbar!


Until next time,

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Devious Religious Fascists Want To Silence Free Speech

Fellow infidels,

If you don’t know that we are talking about Islam, then you have been living under a rock.  The Organization of Islamic Conference, or as Pat Condell calls it, the Organization of Islamic Criminals, is hell-bent on pushing through a global blasphemy law.  No way!  It ain’t gonna happen.  Not on our watch!  Islam, with its permanently offended cultural terrorists, has awakened a sleeping giant; not only in America, but in every country, state, city, village, or home around the world that cherishes freedom. For Islam is not freedom; it is bondage to a brutal totalitarian political system that tries to make everyone believe that it is a religion.  Islam bullies everyone that is non-Muslim.

As always, Pat Condell sets these brutes straight.  Be sure and listen to the end of his monologue and his idea of flying pigs.  Nice job Pat – Burkasrugly


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Saving Western Civilization

Fellow infidels,

If you ever get a chance to hear Dr. Bill Warner lecture in person, please do so.  He has studied Islam extensively and he can make seemingly complex material easy to understand.  Constantine recently had a chance to hear Dr. Warner speak at an ACT! for America meeting, and he wanted to share his thoughts on the lecture with us – Burkasrugly

It was my great and distinct honor last week to hear Dr. Bill Warner lecture on political Islam. During the Question and Answer part of the lecture, Dr. Warner was asked, “Why are you doing this ?” The good doctor thought a few minutes and answered, “I am trying to save Western Civilization, the Judeo-Christain tradition.” He went on to elaborate that Judeo-Christian tradition was composed of two parts. First, there is the Golden Rule which  is derived from the prophetic tradition of the Old Testament prophets reaching its final culmination in the teachings of Jesus. And then there is rational critical thought which comes to us from the Greek philosophers. These two strains coming together form the bedrock of Western Civilization.

Now multiculturalists would deny the superiority of one belief system over another. My suggestion to such folks is to go live in Iran, Saudi Arabia or even Egypt for the next three months. If you survive, then come and see me and we will see if your belief that one culture is as good as another is still intact. My guess is your multicultural belief has about as much chance of surviving as woman accused of witchcraft in Saudi Arabia.

For a moment let us think of how the world will be impacted if militant, political Islam becomes the New Order for the world.

The first casualty will be free speech. There will be no freedom of religion. You won’t have to worry about whether to be a Roman Catholic, a Jew, a Methodist, or a Baptist. Your only choice will be to become a Muslim, or a dhimmi by paying an exorbitant protection tax (the jizya). Otherwise you be will killed in a truly hideous manner.

Next all the great art of the last 20 centuries will be destroyed. Art galleries all over the western world will be torched by Islamic vandals. Islam does not believe in the graphic representation of the human form. Then all great musical works will be destroyed, because  again Islam does not believe in music. Whether you are a fan of Johnny Cash or Johann Sebastian Bach ALL music will be gone. The right of peaceful assembly will be over because Islam believes democracy is a tool of the Devil. Freedom of the Press will also become a casualty. Any newspaper, radio or television station that attempts to tell the truth will be shut down. Even the truth if it portrays Islam in an unfavorable light is forbidden. So long Glen Beck. The Blaze will become the first casualty of Islamic supremacism. Books that disagree with Islam will be burned in huge bonfires reminiscent of the Nazi era. There will be absolutely no freedom of expression.

Oh, you just think Obama’s gun control is draconian. With Islam you get total weapons control. Not only are rifles, pistols and shotgun banned (NRA please sit up and take notice), so are knives, swords, spears. machetes, axes, crossbows and arrows. We are left in a totally defenseless state. What hope of revolt will we have against guns using our bare hands ?

Spain and Portugal were conquered by the Islamic hordes about 711 A.D. The Spanish finally drove out the Muslim barbarians in 1492, the year Columbus discovered America. It took the Spaniards 800 years of hard fighting to reclaim their country from these murderous cutthroats. Why do we think we will fare any better ?

Our best course of action is to fight back NOW with the truth while we still have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as our shield against the barbaric legal code of Sharia. Wherever, Islam goes Sharia is sure to follow. We must unite NOW to hurl back this alien ideology of political Islam. One way to do this is to seek out an Act for America chapter and  join. If there is not one volunteer to start one. Just go to:

Time is growing shorter every day. Our enemy is growing stronger. This is the issue of our time upon this earth. All other concerns pale by comparison.


Yes, Dr. Warner we pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to help you save Western Civilization.

In hoc signo vinces,


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DOJ Official Won’t Say ‘No’ To U.S. Blasphemy Law

Fellow infidels,

Obama’s pick for Labor Secretary, Tom Perez, who is currently head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, will not give a definitive ‘No’ answer to the question proposed by Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona: ”Will you tell us here today simply that this administration’s DOJ will never entertain or advance a proposal that criminalizes speech against any religion?” Here is the video proof:


He sidesteps the question leading us to believe that the UN’s Blasphemy Law aka Resolution 16/18 is on its way to being implemented in the US unless Americans in large numbers pitch a fit about this ungodly perversion of our First Amendment rights.

The US is about to open the floodgates of Muslim immigration as thousands of new Muslims students and scholars are welcomed into the US.  Of course, these little darlings will need to be protected from Islamaphobia won’t they?  I mean, haven’t you heard of the rampant mistreatment of Muslims in the US?  No?  Oh, yeah, I forgot.  THERE IS NONE!  They even make up stories to trump up charges of “Islamaphobia.”  Like the Muslim woman in California whose husband was arrested for her murder, after allegedly making it look like a hate crime.

These goofballs like Perez are flushing our country down the sewer.  A blasphemy law would criminalize all criticism against anything Islamic, because it could be construed as ‘blasphemy.’ If you want to criticize Sharia law, where women are stoned to death for being gang-raped, you may be charged with blasphemy.  If you criticize a Muslim man ‘marrying’ and consummating that ‘marriage’ with a little 9-year-old girl, then you could be criminally charged for blasphemy.  You could not call it what it is – pedophilia. This is dangerous territory, folks.  We can’t let this happen.

In a Forbes magazine article, ‘Could you be a criminal?  US supports anti-free speech measure’ author Abigail Esman says this about the proposed UN Blasphemy Law:

What’s worse, the measure codifies into the UN agenda support for the very notion democracies now wrestle with, and which threatens to destroy the very fabric of our culture: tolerance of the intolerant, or rather, the question of whether a tolerant society must also tolerate ways of life that are intolerant – that oppress women, say, or advocate violence against homosexuals, or force strangers to marry against their will.  It is, in fact, this very concept that the OIC has long pressured Western governments to adopt in other ways, and that those supporting the adoption of Sharia law in the west have emphasized. Yet if we fall into that trap – as it appears we are – we will have lost the very heart of who we are.

If you don’t know your senator’s phone number or e-mail, please find those and start contacting him or her about this most urgent matter.

Until next time,


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Eating Human Flesh

Fellow infidels,

Many of you raved about our newest blogger, Laetus Porcus, so Laetus is back with another great blog – Burkasrugly

“For over a thousand years, Al-Azhar has stood as a beacon of Islamic learning, and for over a century Cairo University has been a source of Egypt’s advancement” – Barack Hussein Obama

Cannibalism, contrary to what Barack Hussein Obama states, is not my idea of advancement. Yet this is exactly what the good professors of the world’s leading Islamic University, Al-Azhar, are advocating.

If you don’t believe me watch this video:


Thanks to the intrepid Pamela Geller who broke this story we know the diabolical intent of this evil fatwa. This teaching has even been placed in textbooks for Egyptian high school  students. Basically this means you can kill Christians with impunity ( the Koran teaches this) and if you happen to be hungry, well you can chow down on their body parts. This ghoulish practice is beyond the pale. How do you think the 8 million Coptic Christians feel now that they understand they can appear on a Muslim’s dinner plate. And this is occurring as the Muslim Brotherhood has broken the Egyptian economy creating severe food shortages, particularly of meat. I am sure some of the more radical Muslims will view this as an invitation to open hunting season on Coptic Christians. Of course when they get their trophy home, what a way to feed their families ! Allah be praised!. We’ve got a Coptic on the spit, and a Christian in the frying pan.Bless their little evil hearts, how their mouths must water for just a taste of this newly discovered delicacy.

This sicko religion refuses to let its adherents eat pork, but they are eager to consume human Christian flesh. You can’t have wine, you can’t have beer, and you better not eat pork, but you can gobble up another human being. But in all fairness, under Sharia, we Christians are not even considered human beings. We are just animals that radical Muslims can hunt without mercy. Do you think there will come a time when Christian meat will appear in a styrofoam tray in an Egyptian grocery store? Will it be Halal to eat all of those poor people who are beheaded  every year in Saudi Arabia ?

This whole practice smacks of Zombies; the walking dead, who have been infected with a horrible virus that spread with terrifying rapidity. With militant radical Muslims who eagerly desire to practice cannibalism on the Coptic Christians there is also an infection. For lack of a better term we can call it the Mohammed virus. It is spread through the use of Sharia Law, which is the deadliest virus that has ever affected humankind. It has killed far more people than the Black Death. (Thank God most Muslims will reject this fatwa on cannibalism)

What we have here is not the walking dead, but rather the walking brain-dead. They can run, they can drive cars, they can crash jets into sky scrapers, they can riot and they can even fire guns (although they are pretty bad shots). They are infinitely more dangerous than Zombies. But they do have a fatal flaw we can exploit. None of them are rational. None of them act from a sense of reason. This will prove to be the downfall of the walking  brain-dead.

But in the interim remember, they walk among us.

Laetus Porcus


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Who Put The Pork In My Beef ?

Fellow infidels,

Please welcome a new blogger – Laetus Porcus- Latin for “Happy Pig.”  Laetus  writes about the recent discovery that pork has been found in foods Muslims thought were safe from swine. What a  darn shame.  In any event, we infidels LOVE our pig!  We are most happy eating barbecue PORK sandwiches for dinner and mounds of bacon for breakfast. Being an infidel has its advantages!  Burkasrugly

Islam is the most legalistic religion on the face of the earth. It literally has a rule for every occasion in life. Islam is an all-encompassing system of control not only of Muslims but non-Muslims as well. It is called Sharia.

Sharia dictates every action and behaviour of Muslim and infidel be labeled either Halal (permitted) or Haram (not permitted).  This Halal and Haram designation refers also to food and drink.  For instance Muslims cannot drink any form of alcohol.  Also, forbidden to them is any form of pork.  Nor can kafirs or infidels living in Muslim dominated lands consume either pork or alcohol.  If you enjoy a pork barbecue sandwich washed down by ice-cold beer it is not a good idea to move to Iran or Saudi Arabia.  If caught consuming this libation and this epicurean delight you would be flogged.  And we are not talking about ten lashes on the wrist with a wet noodle either.   Try 100 scarifying lashes on your bare back.  The second offense would probably mean death.

From Europe (according to Bare Naked Islam) comes some astounding news!  Not all Halal foods are really Halal foods.  In Denmark 11 out of 70 samples of ground beef contained up to 7% pork.  Allah forbid! In England numerous cases of chicken sausage destined for public school lunches were found to be tainted by pork DNA.  Curses be upon you wretched kafirs!  And in Norway food inspectors found pork in the kebab meat and pizza toppings.  In Switzerland pork traces were also found to be contaminated by as much as 7% pork.  O infidels, may the fleas of a 1000 camels infest your beards!  Riots are sure to follow.

Is this some European wide conspiracy to infect the Muslim food supply with PORK?  What happens if Muslims unwittingly consume minute quantities of pork and then die with this Haram food still in their digestive tracts?  Does Allah send them straight to Muslim Hell?  We need a council of Sharia experts to consider this life or death question.  A word to the wise Muslim.  If you even think you may have consumed pork in the last two hours quickly stick your finger down your throat.  Trigger your gag reflex and vomit into a plastic Bio-Hazard Bag.  Dispose of safely in the nearest infidel’s garbage can in a Sharia approved manner.  If it has been more than three hours since you suspect that you consumed pork you will need to work on the other end.  Give yourself an enema to flush the filth out and hope Allah will be merciful.  Maybe Allah will not consider you an apostate for your unwitting indiscretion.

I love the smell of bacon frying in the morning.  It smells like VICTORY!

Laetus Porcus

(With apologies to Robert Duvall in the film Apocalypse Now)

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Oh No, Not The Easter Bunny !

Fellow infidels,

Perhaps Muslims will be converted to Christianity through eating Cadbury cream eggs, a favorite candy that is available during the Easter season.  After all, Muslims have a rather dreary life of stoning and beheading people all day long. Maybe a Cadbury egg will mellow them out.  Read what that intrepid blogger, The Scarlet Pimpernel, has to say about the matter – Burkasrugly

The Muslim Council of Australia has now declared Cadbury candies to be Halal (permitted). Cadbury, the maker of scrumptious chocolate, is now on the permitted list for Muslim consumption. Here is where the story takes a weird twist. Cadbury makes the foil wrapped, cream filled, Easter eggs which are sold all over the English-speaking world. And now apparently Muslims can buy and consume these chocolate Easter eggs. It
seems that even the Easter Bunny must abide by the permission of Sharia Law.

Does anyone other than me find this to be ironic ? Muslims do not believe in Easter. Their Imams forbid them to take part in celebrations of Christmas and Easter.

It is very interesting to see how the Koran views Jesus. Jesus, or Issa as he is referred to in Koran, appears over 40 times. Jesus is just a third-rate prophet in Islam. He does not begin to approach the magnitude of Mohammed. Jesus is not the Son of God. Allah cannot have a son. Nor did Jesus die upon the Cross. Here is where Mohammed gets a little quirky. Jesus and Judas looked alike. In a real switcheroo Judas is crucified and dies on the cross. Jesus goes back home and lives a long life. He dies a natural death at a ripe old age. There is really no Easter to celebrate without a resurrection. Thus in one fell swoop Mohammed destroys the uniqueness of Christ, the Atonement and the Resurrection. So Jesus in the Koran becomes an Islamic prophet. Jesus, as defined by the Koran, is a Muslim, but he is not the final revelation of Allah, that hallowed spot is reserved for Mohammed. After all Mohammed is the perfect man, worthy of emulation by all

It is self-evident from the Koran that Mohammed is superior to Jesus. I guess Jesus was just not violent enough for Mohammed.

Back to the central thesis of this blog. What effect will Sharia have on the Easter Bunny ? Perhaps under the divine guidance of Sharia the Easter Bunny will morph into the Mohammed Bunny. Then Muslim terrorists around the world will find chocolate Cadbury eggs in their Mohammed baskets (along with bombs, guns and suicide vests).

The Scarlet Pimpernel

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