The Golden Keys To Paradise

Fellow infidels,

Constantine exposes the horror of how an Islamic state, Iran, used its children to clear mine fields with their bodies. If these Islamic monsters would do this to their own children, what would they do to our children?  These actions are cowardly at the least; satanic most likely – Burkasrugly

From 1980 till 1988 the Iraqi-Iranian War was fought with an unbelievable toll of dead on both sides. On the Iranian side the commander was the Ayatollah Khomeini. The Iraqi side was led by the Butcher of Baghdad, Saddam Hussein (obviously a master strategist). It was the gross ineptitude of both leaders that caused the excessive casualties.

This was the second longest war of the 20th Century that pitted nation states against each other. Iraqi dead were close to 500,000, while the Iranians suffered even higher tolls. No one is certain, but perhaps over a 1,000,000 Iranian soldiers and civilians died. The war was a classic Sunni vs. Shia civil war that has been going on for 1,400 years. (See my earlier blog: Islamic Civil War) Saddam Hussein was the Sunni and Ayatollah Khomeini was the Shia. Poison gas was used by mainly by Iraqis. Blister agents such as mustard and chlorine gas killed tens of thousands of Iranians who lacked the most rudimentary protective masks and clothing.

Yet the most odious feature of the war was how minefields were cleared. Hundreds of thousands of young boys were drafted for these operations. By the second year of the war the battlefield resembled France during World War I. Both sides were heavily entrenched with deep and wide minefields protecting the trenches. Here is where the boys were
used. Several thousands at a time were conveyed to the Iranian front. There an Iranian General read the boys a prepared speech (by Ayatollah Khomeini) exhorting how wonderful it was to die as a martyr for glorious Islam. Often times these kids were plied with alcohol and drugs. Then with great ceremony each one had a gold key hung around their neck. The key they were told guaranteed them entrance to Paradise. Then they were marched forward, unarmed, across the minefields. Iraqi machine gun fire and artillery shells decimated their ranks. Soon a cacophony of explosions erupted as
the boys began detonating the mines often with their bare feet. (Why waste a perfectly good pair of shoes when you know legs are going to be blown off.) After the crescendo of blasts subsided signalling the clearance of the mines, real soldiers were sent in to overwhelm the Iraqis.

The few Western reporters who witnessed the unarmed march of these boys to almost certain death wrote about severed legs and arms, intestines scattered across the battlefield, heads separated from torsos, and bodies literally blown to pieces. Death was almost inevitable. Survivors within days were sent on new suicide missions. Some of these boy were as young as eight to ten years old. This was a horrendous war crime for which no Iranian General has ever been held accountable.

Islam is about power pure and simple. Throughout the long and bloody reign of Islam their commanders have never flinched from sacrificing the lives of other human beings to
maintain their evil grip on tyrannical power. Caliph is just a nicer word for a blood thirsty monster who will do whatever barbaric deeds he needs to maintain power.

Oh, those golden keys to Paradise were fake. They were not really golden. They were produced by the tens of thousands. They were made out of cheap plastic. They were simply spray painted gold. Counterfeit keys to manipulate young, naive boys to a counterfeit Paradise urged onward by a counterfeit religion, Islam.

Sacred deception was taken to a new tragic level on the killing fields of Iran.

In hoc signo vinces,


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Being Offended Works Both Ways

Fellow infidels,

Former State Representative Jon Hubbard has written a wonderful article about those sniveling whiners that are offended by everything that has made our country great.  This article first appeared in the Jonesboro Sun. It also has been published at World Net Daily, which is one of the top conservative blogs in the United States.  I guarantee you will love this article – Burkasrugly

We’ve heard so much in the media lately about various groups being offended by all sorts of things that once were considered traditional American values. So far though, few of the people I know have been consulted about whether or not THEY are offended. So I ask you, are you offended by anything? I know I am!

I am offended that the obnoxious whining of just a few people who actually hate everything this country stands for can force us to change our laws and customs, simply because “they” claim to be “offended.” For example, the superintendent of the East Poinsett County, Ark., School District chose to discontinue prayer at the beginning of school functions after a left-wing atheist group from Wisconsin threatened legal action on behalf of one to three area residents, if prayer during athletic or other school events is allowed to continue.

I am offended when the outright murder of innocent, yet-to-be-born children is considered to be a remedy to an inconvenience, or just another means of birth control!

I am offended by those who have failed to recognize that this nation is not like all other nations of this world, which is the primary reason for its success and prosperity!

I am offended when our education system teaches our children that the United States of America is to be ashamed of its well deserved success and prosperity!

I am offended when someone with no ambition or work ethic feels he deserve something he hasn’t worked for, fought for, or was never entitled to!

I am offended when a government ideology such as Shariah law, masquerading as a legitimate world religion, envisions itself in the role of world domination!

I am offended when long-held Christian customs, traditions and beliefs such as Nativity scenes or Christmas songs are designated by our own government as “offensive” to those who disagree with them, and are even allowed to be replaced by the customs of those who find our customs “offensive”!

I am offended that our own Congress would even consider allowing our Constitution to be trampled upon by ignoring our God-given rights and liberties, which are secured by that great and unique document. Our right to free speech and the right to keep and bear arms are essential to a free people protecting themselves from a power-hungry and out-of-control federal government!

I am offended that we have allowed our election process to become so contaminated that people who ignore and even refuse to comply with the constitutional eligibility requirements of an office are allowed to actually hold that office!

I am offended when our own elected officials forget that they work for us, instead of the other way around!

I am offended when those incarcerated in our prisons often receive better treatment than our own troops!

I am offended when this president assumes that it is his right to declare that America is no longer a Christian nation!

I am offended when this president gives taxpayer funds to rogue rulers whose purpose in life is to destroy us!

I am offended when this president promotes the assumption that this world owes everyone a living!

I am offended when this president saddles us, our children, our grandchildren and many future generations with an enormous and suffocating debt, from which this nation may never recover!

I am offended when this president opens our White House to the Islamic celebration of Ramadan, but refuses to allow Franklin Graham to offer a prayer during our National Day of Prayer ceremony!

I am offended that we allow those who are in this country “illegally” to receive benefits for which even legal residents are not entitled to receive, and are protected by our own government whenever they do so!

I am offended when our government claims that ambition and pride have been replaced by the assumption of one’s right to entitlements!

I am offended that there are far too many people enjoying the fruits of this land, who think it is beneath them to defend this nation if called upon to do so!

I am offended when those who have never understood what it means to be an American are allowed to redefine who we are and what this nation’s future should be!

Yes, I am offended, and I’ll bet you are, too! Isn’t it time we stop talking and actually do something about it? Come on, America, we are better than this!

Jon Hubbard

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Sending Women To Hell (Iranian Style)

Fellow infidels,

Where is the National Organization for Women when women and girls in Islamic countries are being gang raped, tortured and slaughtered?  They are making sure that Muslims are not blamed! Burkasrugly

Last weekend I read “A Time to Betray” by Reza Kahlili. It is the true life story of a member of the Iranian Republican Guard who worked for the CIA. Reza initially was a staunch supporter of Ayatollah Khomeini. Khomeini, after forcing the Shah to abdicate in 1979, promised the Iranian people a constitutional Republic. Instead what they got was a Sharia laden cesspool in which Iran quickly devolved into an international pariah. Reza was shocked by what he saw in the notorious Evin Prison. And that caused him to seek out
the CIA and become an agent for the USA for the next decade.

All sorts of things that wouldn’t even be a crime in our society, were punishable by torture and death in Khomeini’s Iran. Often whole families were killed because of a statement made by a father or mother. A pattern soon developed among Khomeini’s IRG members. Young girls, some as young as ten or twelve, were brutally gang raped in front of their mothers and fathers. The parents were forced to watch this sadistic spectacle without being able to help their children. After the massive gang rapes ended the young girls were either shot or hanged, again, in the presence of their parents. After having this horrible last scene etched in their memories the parents were executed.

Actually, the raping of very young girls was carefully thought out along Sharia guidelines by the crazed Khomeini. Under Sharia law a virgin who is raped goes straight to hell after her death. A married woman who is raped also goes straight to hell under Sharia since she is an adulteress. This whole drama of torture was designed as a lesson in terror to keep the Iranian people under the thumb of brutal Islamic tyranny. Notice the men who are doing the raping were never charged with a crime. Rape is always the fault of the woman in Islam. There are no exceptions to this insane rule. The women are always asking for it according to Islam.

Islam is the only religion that has an organized doctrine of warfare known as Jihad. But Islam also has an equally organized doctrine of rape. Muslim men can legally rape almost any woman. Their wives have no ability to decline sex. The husband can have sex whenever he desires. If the wife attempts to refuse him, she is raped. All infidel women, whatever their marital status, are fair game under Sharia. Women married to infidels are considered ripe target for Muslim rape gangs. Just ask any European woman. In many European countries 90 per cent of all rapes are perpetuated by “Asian” men (PC code name for Muslims). American ladies it is only a matter of short time before Muslim gang rape comes to your neighborhood.

Stand up and resist this abominable outrage against your womanhood while you still have the legal right to protest. And pray for the tens of thousands of girls and women who were raped in Tehran’s Evin Prison. Somebody was deserving of hell in Khomeini’s Iran and they were not women !

In hoc signo vinces,


As a sad postscript, gang rape of women continues to this present day in Evin Prison.

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Obama’s White House Infiltrated By Muslim Brotherhood

Fellow infidels,

One of the nation’s foremost experts on Islam, Robert Spencer, discusses the infiltration of the White House by Muslim Brotherhood operatives with PolitiChick’s Ann-Marie Murrell in the video below. This is not a subject to be taken lightly. This situation makes the Communist infiltration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s White House look like child’s play. Spencer does give some glimmer of hope near the end of this video. Please watch – Burkasrugly


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Farrakhan Enlists The Aid Of Chicago Gangs To Protect The New Islamic State

Fellow infidels,

Remember the good old days when the most excitement in Chicago was when Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked over the lantern?  Well, today we have the beginning of another Muslim enclave in the Caliphate of Chicago (the first Muslim enclave is in Dearborn, Michigan).  Our Muslim-sympathizing president and his sidekick, Attorney General Eric Holder, will not lift a finger no matter what Farrakhan does or says.  Goodbye, America the Beautiful….hello Islamic hellhole! – Burkasrugly

Louis Farrakhan, racist, anti-Semite and all round insane bigot, is now proposing to turn Chicago into the new Islamic nation. He has put out a call for his new army to protect his pint-sized caliphate. He has called upon the gangs of Chicago to unite under his leadership and protect his Islamic state.

Recently, at a speech given at the University of Illinois Chicago Pavilion Farrakhan stated, “You (the gangs) are natural warriors to defend (the Islamic state), the science of war must be taught to us, so that we will protect whatever Allah allows us to buy or build.” He then said, “We have to protect what is ours from any thief or robber.”

The Chicago Police Department estimates conservatively there are a mere 68,000 gang members in the city. Chicago has the second largest gang population after the city of Los Angeles. Probably a small portion of the 68,000 are Latino and Asian gangsters which would not heed the summons of the newly self-proclaimed Caliph Farrakhan. But, he could at least on paper, create an army of 40,000 to 50,000 gang bangers.

Minister Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam leader, is a highly toxic, dangerous person. His overly inflated ego is right at home with other Chicagoans, the Very Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Eric (With)Holder, Rahm Emmanuel, and not to forget, Our Lord and Savior, Barack Hussein Obama. All of these characters are uniting in hateful purpose to bring down our great Nation. But everybody has to start small. Thus, Chicago will become a fiefdom of Islam. Remember Islam always seeks to carve out an enclave where Islam and Sharia will be protected.

But not to worry all of these gang bangers are forbidden to own and carry pistols. They
wouldn’t dare to violate the restrictive gun laws of the great city of Chicago. These gun
laws have made Chicago Paradise on earth (Not !)

If draconian gun laws could keep people safe Chicago would have the lowest murder rate in the country. Instead it has the highest. More people are killed yearly in Chicago than in Afghanistan. Imagine what would happen to the murder rate there if you had 50,000 gang bangers roaming the streets, having first replaced the legitimate police department. The murder rate would probably go up by at least 500% the first year. A veritable reign of terror would be unleashed on the City. All this would be done to satisfy the megalomania of God Almighty’s personal messenger, Louis Farrakhan. After all, he and he alone, is the voice of God on earth.

In the words of Credence Clearwater Revival, “I see a bad moon arising.” And the moon is rising over Lake Michigan. Never underestimate the power of hateful fanaticism to motivate people. Think about Hitler ! Farrakhan is cut from the same cloth.

The Nation of Islam website is:

In hoc sign vinces,


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Texas Students Encouraged To Wear Burkas Without Parents Knowledge

Fellow infidels,

It is surprising that in Texas of all places the school system is stealthily trying to implement Sharia law under the guise of learning about other cultures. Apparently, some parents did not learn of their daughters donning burkas as part of the curriculum until they saw pictures of them on Facebook!  This is cultural jihad, designed to normalize Islamic customs and law little by little. According to a story on WorldNetDaily, a student in the class reported that the lesson was to teach about the life of  women in Islam. The burqa exercise focused on fashion and did not include the  fact that in many Muslim communities, women who appear in public without a burqa face being beaten,  imprisoned or murdered by family members, vigilante groups or even the  state.

No, they will avoid these facts like the plague.  The story from WND went on to say that at the end of class, the students were assigned to write a paper about Egypt.  According to one student, they were instructed to discuss “how Egypt was a good  country until democracy took over, and that things were finally corrected when  the Muslim Brotherhood came into power.”

To get a better understanding of the curriculum, WND reached out to Mary Bowen. Bowen is a  teacher of more than 30 years with a master’s degree in curriculum who recently  testified before the Senate Education Committee about CSCOPE’s academic  deficiencies and its politically driven nature.

Commenting on a picture in the curriculum of smiling Muslim children, Bowen  said, “I wonder if they have been taught that the women they are representing  cannot drive, cannot be schooled, that they do not have legal birth records and  if they are accused of rape/sexual impropriety their father can legally take  them out on the patio and kill them like a dog without legal penalty.

“I just wonder if they are being taught the real story behind the burqa.”

Someone is trying to pull a fast one on the people of Texas.  If you live there you need to complain until this is changed.  And tell all of your friends about this…forward this blog to them.

Until next time,


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Sharia In London

Fellow infidels,

Say a fond farewell to Western culture in Europe.  Who would have ever thought that one of the strongholds of Western Civilization, Great Britain, would be allowing its citizens to be harassed by Muslim mongrels?  How far have you fallen, England?  For you to allow these beasts to push you around in your own land is embarrassing and disheartening.  Buck up, men!  Remember Winston Churchill and all the other great Brits.  Do not forget WHO YOU ARE. Wake up, England!  Take back your land, your culture, and your DIGNITY!!!!  We have to be careful here in the United States to not fall into the same fate as Europe –  Burkasrugly

Merrye olde England is changing and not for the better. There are now many areas of London where Sharia has become the de facto legal code. Look at the video below. Muslim vigilantes freely roam the streets of London enforcing their own warped version of law.

Has Sharia trumped English Common Law ? Where are the British police ? Evidently, the British Bobbies need to be arresting these vicious vigilantes instead of ignoring these savages.

Whole areas of London are now posted with yellow placards proclaiming them to be Sharia enforced zones. Non-muslims are not even allowed to enter or even pass through these tracts. This is a total violation of British law. Any British citizen should be able to walk down any street in London.

Muslims, every place they settle, attempt to set up enclaves governed by Sharia which is contrary to all Western law. If the British people allow Muslims to commit such outrages they will find British law is on the way out. Give a Sharia believing Muslim an inch and he will take a mile.


This is the reason why American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) must be passed in all 50 states. Anyone who opposes ALAC by default helps the cause of Sharia.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

P.S. Thanks to KMN for the video.

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Charles Martel And The Battle Of Tours

Fellow infidels,

We owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to Charles ‘the Hammer’ Martel. If not for him, Western culture may very well have been wiped out by the Muslim hordes that tried to take over Europe – Burkasrugly

In 632 A.D. Mohammed died, leaving Islam as the sole religion in the Arabian Peninsula. Less than 100 years later Islam had implanted itself on 3 continents, Asia, Africa and Europe. This ferocious religion stretched eastward to the very borders of China and India. To the north it extended into what is southern Russia today. Palestine, Syria, Persia and Asia Minor fell before the marauding Muslims hordes. These countries at the time were overwhelmingly Christian. The devotees of the psychotic Prophet next turned their attention to Northern Africa. This area was over 90% Christian. After the Islamic conquest of North Africa there were within two generations almost no Christians alive. The vast majority had been killed or forcefully converted.

In 711 A.D. Muslims crossed the 10 mile wide Straits of Gibraltar. By 718 A.D. they had conquered both Spain and Portugal. Next they went after southern France. By 732 A.D. they were almost knocking on the doors (gates) of Paris. But an unlikely defender of the West appeared. He was Charles Martel.

Charles Martel (Martel means the Hammer) was a leader far in advance of his day and age. Although he was the leader of the Franks (the French) he did not let anyone address him by the title of King. He always showed mercy to his European enemies, often incorporating them into the leadership and ranks of his army. Hearing about Muslim atrocities in the kingdoms to the south he prepared to meet the Muslims in battle. His army of Franks consisted of about 98% infantry, while the Muslims largely had a calvary force. Near the village of Tours Charles seized the high ground. To his front was a long sloping hillside designed to wear out the Islamic horses as they charged uphill. But even more importantly at the crest of the hill was a thick band of trees that could not be flanked. Into this thick cover Charles planted his Frankish infantry. The trees broke up the Muslim calvary charge into small isolated units of horsemen that were quickly cut down by the Franks armed with swords, spears, axes and maces.

For six days the two armies camped a mile apart separated by a narrow river. The Franks had about 30,000 men under arms, while the Muslims realistically had somewhere between 35,000 and 50,000 calvary. On the seventh day the Muslims who were growing short of food for the men and fodder for the horses decided to attack. As the calvary charge hit the forest it quickly broke apart and the Franks began their methodical work of hacking down the small parties of horsemen.

The turning point of the battle was when Charles sent a relatively small force of Frankish warriors upstream to attack the lightly guarded Muslim camp. The Franks quickly routed the Muslim rear guard. To their astonishment they found mounds of gold, silver and other treasures which the Muslims had looted in southern France. When word reached the main Muslim army that the Franks had stolen their looted treasure the army disintegrated rapidly. Their General was left exposed and he was quickly killed. Now it was the turn of the Franks to charge on foot into the Muslim camp. Hordes of Muslims were cut down while trying to save their remaining treasure. The retreat quickly turned into panic driven rout.

To his credit Charles did his best to return the gold and silver crosses and ornamentation to the churches and individuals from which they were stolen. Unclaimed treasure was used to buy new armaments for his army. Eager to learn even from his enemy Charles bought horses to field a calvary element to his army. He kept none of the treasure that had been stolen by the Muslims.

Charles the Hammer continued over the next years to hammer the Muslims until they were driven south of the Pyrenees Mountains. But it took the Spaniards another 700 years to completely drive the Muslims out of Spain. The Battle of Tours is usually considered one of the ten most decisive battles of world history. Tours marks the high water mark of Muslim expansion. Because of Charles’ courageous stand Europe was saved for Christianity and denied to Islam. What a different world we live in because of Charles Martel.

An often stated (though often ignored) axiom states that ” those who do not learn the lessons of history, are doomed to repeat them.”

In hoc signo vinces,


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Imam Rauf Allowed To Spread Islam At Memphis Church

Fellow infidels,

Turning a deaf ear to protests from many in the Christian community, officials at the Calvary Episcopal Church in Memphis allowed  Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, aka the controversial Ground Zero Mosque Imam, to speak at the Lenten Preaching Series this past Monday, Feb. 25, 2013.  Watch him in action below.  He tries – and probably succeeds – in convincing foolish people that Christians and Muslims worship the same god.

The same god?  Let’s compare and contrast the Islamic god and the Christian God.  The Islamic god asks people to die for him.  Hello?  Do suicide bombings aka ‘holy Islamic jihad’ ring a bell? Our God sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us.  Under Islam, women are treated with less respect than beasts of the fields.  They can be gang-raped, and then to add insult to injury they will be murdered by stoning for the crime of being raped!  Jesus stopped a woman from being stoned by pointing out that the men  themselves were also guilty of sin and had no right to be judge, jury and executioner.  Jesus  said to ‘turn the other cheek’;  however on his deathbed Mohammed – whose burning hatred for the Jews who had rejected him –  commanded his followers to murder Jews.  What a sad, pathetic human being.  And that is all that Mohammed was.  However, Jesus is the Lamb of God, without sin.

Shame on you Calvary Church, for allowing such a despicable person to speak at your church!  Are you proud of yourself?  If you are a member who did not know about his, we hope that you reconsider giving them any money. Read about this ‘holy’ man below.  Be sure to click on the links that will take you to the news stories for verification.

Recently, a lawsuit was brought against Imam Rauf by fellow Muslims alleging he misappropriated over $3 million dollars which was designated to two non-profits, the Cordoba Initiative and the American Society for Muslim Advancement.

Rauf instead allegedly used the funds to purchase a luxury sports car, buy personal real estate and lavish entertainment for he and his wife, Daisy Khan. But wait, the scandal even gets better. Some of the money was used for luxury gifts for Evelyn Adorno, age 57 who shared “a personal relationship with Rauf.” Plus the money financed trips for the Imam and his honey Evelyn Adorno. Could Adorno really be the second wife of the Imam?Or was this a muta’a – a ‘pleasure marriage’ that lasted only for a short time?  In other words, it is an Islamic way of having sex outside of marriage for MEN only.  Remember, if women did this, they would bring dishonor on their man and you know what that means!!!  To the stoning yard, my dear!

In addition the good and godly (sarcasm intended) Imam allegedly lied about these gifts and filed fraudulent tax returns. Not exactly the kind of man to stand behind a Christian pulpit and lecture folks on correct Muslim-Christian relations.

Have any of you at Calvary read about what the Bible says about false prophets?

Until next time,


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Virginia Iman Praises Arms For Jihad

Fellow infidels,

As Ronald Reagan would say, “there they go again.”  They Muslims are playing the victim in order to justify their violent jihad against the West.  These people and their evil, Satanic ideology need to go back home because this type of hateful dictatorial political movement is not welcome here. Sure, some foolish Americans allow themselves to be duped into thinking that Islam is merely a religion, but they are woefully ignorant of the facts.  Listen to this imam in his own words praise Muslims for being the first in line to obtain arms for jihad – Burkasrugly


Until next time,


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