Dhimmi ABC News Finally Has Factual Ft. Hood Story

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(Note:  Dhimmis are those non-Muslims who ‘suck up’ to Islamic militants and other Muslims in order to hopefully be in some sort of favored status)  – Burkasrugly

It is shameful that it took nearly 4 years, yes 4 YEARS! for the liberal mainstream media to allow a story like this one to be aired. In an exclusive ABC video from the day of the Ft. Hood terrorist attack (note: we do not use the ridiculous ‘workplace violence’ moniker that our foolish government officials aka Islamic brown nosers) chose to use.  This is a short, but powerful video of some of the survivors of the massacre.  Note that the last man says “this man (Hasan) was following orders from Anwar al Alaki…he was performing his jihad.”  Oh my, but did we foolishly think that jihad was an ‘inner struggle’? That’s what we have been told by all the liberal media.

Hear that foolish Obama administration?  Kiss up to Islamic extremists and you get fellow Americans killed! These people who were injured or killed in this massacre deserve Purple Hearts because this was a terrorist attack.  Click here to view the video.

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Imam Rauf To Speak At Memphis Church And College

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If you ever wonder what you can do to stop the spread of radical Islam into our culture, then you are in luck. Please read the blog below by Constantine and take action! Burkasrugly

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the controversial former Imam of the Ground Zero Mosque, is due to speak at Calvary Episcopal Church on February 25 at their Lenten Preaching Series. This series which has had a 90 year history in the city of Memphis is hitting an absolute low this year. Three days ago a lawsuit was brought against Imam Rauf by fellow Muslims alleging he misappropriated over $3 million dollars which was designated to two non-profits, the Cordoba Initiative and the American Society for Muslim Advancement.

Rauf instead used the funds to purchase a luxury sports car, buy personal real estate and lavish entertainment for he and his wife, Daisy Khan. But wait, the scandal even gets better. Some of the money was used for luxury gifts for Evelyn Adorno, age 57 who shared “a personal relationship with Rauf.” Plus the money financed trips for the Imam and his honey Evelyn Adorno. Could Adorno really be the second wife of the Imam ? In addition he lied about these gifts and filed fraudulent tax returns. Not exactly the kind of man to stand behind a Christian pulpit and lecture us on correct Muslim-Christian relations.

Later that night, Imam Rauf, will speak at Rhodes College, a prestigious Presbyterian school in Memphis. I find it highly ironic that the Church and the University, the very two institutions who are charged to pass along the Judeo-Christian tradition of the West have become active agents in betraying those values we hold sacred. Please call Calvary Episcopal Church and ask to speak to one of their ministers. Their phone number is 1-901-525-6602. Politely express your displeasure at their choice of Imam Rauf as a Lenten speaker. Also call Rhodes College at 1-901-843-3000. Ask to speak to Dr. William E. Troutt their President. Again, politely ask them to cancel the speech by Imam Rauf.

Email contacts for Calvary administrators:

Email contacts for Rhodes College administrators:

For a more complete bio on Rauf, click here.

Rauf is simply operating from his Islamic ethos. Just like his master, the prophet Mohammed, Rauf is practicing deceit, treachery, lying, fraud and possibly polygamy. Just the values Christians and young impressionable minds need to be taught.

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London Residents Harrassed By Muslim Patrol

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We cannot and WILL NOT allow such a thing to happen in the United States.  These devils are chanting nonsense like “Christianity Go To Hell” and other insulting things.  Who made these creatures judge, jury, and executioner? If Americans do not wake up, and wake up soon this is our future.  Most of Europe, especially London, England,  is on the verge of losing its Western identity to the Muslim hordes.  We truly feel sorry for the people of London. Is this the land of Winston Churchill?  Have you allowed yourselves to be turned into wimps because of the nanny-state you have created for yourselves? What is wrong with you Brits!!!! For those liberal/socialist types who helped usher this in, we say ‘you get what you deserve.’  Are the rest of you going to allow these Islamic mobs to push the Satanic ‘religion’ of Islam on you? Buck up and remember your brave ancestors!!!!


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Muslim Brotherhood Gets Torched, Literally

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It is rare, but there are some men in the Middle East who will protect women instead of rape and murder them.  We enjoyed seeing these maniacs getting their comeuppance with homemade flame throwers – Burkasrugly

Recently there have been massive protests in Tahrir Square in Cairo AGAINST Sharia Law. The Muslim Brotherhood has hired large groups of thugs to rape and molest the female anti-Sharia protestors. These criminals are paid $10 to $30 each to rape and sexually assault females. They hope to intimidate these courageous women.

However, lately Egyptian men are fighting back to protect their women. Some have identified the protectors as Coptic Christians. Others believe they are decent Muslims opposed to the implementation of Sharia. Perhaps, they are a combination of the two groups. In the video below there is filmed a fight between the rapists and the good guys. The good guys are wearing yellow hard hats with yellow vests. The good guys are also wielding clubs, knives and home-made flame throwers. Yes, you heard me correctly, home-made flame throwers. Notice the guy with the big red tank. He throws out an impressive stream of fire. There are smaller flame throwers ironically made out of cans of women’s hair spray. (I can’t wait till my wife is not home. I am going to steal some of her hair spray and create my own personal flame thrower. You just never know when a flame thrower might come in handy.) The action is chaotic and the fighting is swirling, ebbing and flowing in intensity. But if you look carefully you can see a woman being rescued, while the flame thrower men are holding back the Muslim Brotherhood rapists. Perhaps, instead of aiming the streams of fire at the bad guys faces, they should ignite their crotches. Male genitalia inside cheaper polyester pants that are on fire could be a discouraging reality against future rapes. At the very least it would give them a preview of what they can expect in the next world. It gives a whole new meaning to that song It’ll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight.

Check out the action below.

Liar, liar pants on fire;
Rapist, rapist crotch on fire.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

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Hold On To The Constitution

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Constantine calls on all patriots to resist the assault on freedom and liberty that we are bombarded with each and every day.  Freedom is not free, as our generation is finding out – Burkasrugly

“Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution; for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.”  – Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster wrote these words in the 1840s and yet they are truer today than when they were first written. The most violent ideology that has ever been unleashed on mankind is that of Islamic Sharia law. It is estimated conservatively that Islam has caused the deaths of over 270 million of our fellow human beings. This makes Hitler and his cronies appear to be mere pikers. Even with modern weapons Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo were responsible for the slaughter  of 40 million people.

Mohammed and his gangsters devised the greatest killing machine in the long sad history of this world. It is called Jihad. The deliberate,calculated extinction of all infidels with no mercy shown to men, women, children and even babies.

Sharia is totally antithetical to the rule of law as formulated in our Constitution. The first ten amendments collectively known as the Bill of Rights stand in stark opposition to Islamic Law. Sharia forbids freedom of expression and freedom of religion. Sharia forbids infidels against carrying weapons. Sharia allows the quartering of Islamic fighters in
our homes. Those fighters are also free to search our homes without cause or warrant. There is no trial by jury under Sharia.

If we fall in the United States the hope of the entire world for freedom disappears. Ronald Reagan had it right. We are never more than one generation away from losing our liberty. And freedom once lost may never be regained.

President Obama, the founding Fathers have built a process into the Constitution whereby that document can be legally amended. And it is not by executive order. Rest assured we will not let you destroy this great Republic. We shall oppose you by every legal, peaceful tactic. The line has been drawn in the sand. Do not cross it.

You and your left-wing minions who are allied with the Islamic militants so eager to replace the Constitution  with Sharia Law will be resisted every step of the way. We will regain our freedom and security. We will take back our nation and pass it on pure and unadulterated to future generations.

In hoc signo vinces,


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Hollywood Feminists Won’t Criticize Muslim Woman Beaters

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Where are the Hollywood feminists when you need them? I’m sure they will be coming out in force soon to expose the Muslim women beaters in Mali. And I’m sure that the liberal mainstream media will be there to help them…only when Hell freezes over. Although the clip below is from Al Jazzera, it does allow these women to speak. It is great that these women’s families are standing with them, but they should know that Mohammed did not have any respect for women and in fact he once said that most of the inhabitants of Hell were women. So, these guys, even though in our Christian point of view are doing the right thing by standing with these women, are not in line with Mohammed’s woman-hating ways – Burkasrugly


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Saudi Cleric Admits Raping, Killing Daughter

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The ‘Religion of Peace’ is at it again! According to The Blaze, Prominent Saudi cleric Fayhan Ghamdi has received a light prison sentence after confessing to beating his 5-year-old daughter, Lama Ghamdi, to death over concerns about her virginity.

This photo circulating on social media sites claims to show Lama Ghamdi before she was killed. (Photo: YouTube via Russia Today)This photo circulating on social media sites claims to show Lama Ghamdi before she was killed. (Photo: YouTube via Russia Today)

Before all of you folks who claim that any criticism of Islam is ‘Islamaphobia’ (a fake ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’ term), please note that the following excerpt is from SAUDI media, Gulf News:

[5-year-old] Lama Al Ghamdi was admitted to hospital on December 25, 2011 with multiple injuries, including a crushed skull, broken ribs and left arm, extensive bruising and burns, the activists said. She died last October 22.

Fayhan Al Gamdi, an Islamic preacher and regular guest on Muslim television networks, confessed to having used cables and a cane to inflict the injuries, the activists from the group “Women to Drive” said in a statement.

They said the father had doubted Lama’s virginity and had her checked up by a medic.

According to a social worker from the hospital where Lama was admitted, said the girl’s back was broken and that she had been raped “everywhere.”

What we are happy to see is that the backlash is fierce in Saudi Arabia.  A social media campaign has been launched there to pressure the ultra conservative rulers to hand down a harsher punishment.  However, that probably won’t go too far because this backwards country is ruled by Sharia Law that says that men are allowed to execute their wives and children.

Oh, by the way, this bast$#rd paid $50,000 ‘blood money’ to the family of the mother of the murdered girl. Does this mean he and the mother aren’t married?  Hmmmm.   Just so you will know, if the murdered child were a boy, the blood money fee would have been double, you know…. because boys are worth more than girls in the Muslim world. (Treat women like jewels, my foot!)

One other thing: This news  about this murderous Saudi father comes soon after Al-Arabiya publicized another Saudi cleric’s call to have female babies wear the burka, so there is less chance they will be sexually molested.

Oh, yeah, you can’t trust those little newborn floozies, can you Saudi men?

What a bunch of sick pedophile child murderers that inhabit Muslim countries!  And it is neither ‘local custom’ nor the individual, because this happens way too often.  And our so-called leaders are kowtowing to the likes of these despicable monsters?

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From Here To Timbuktu

Fellow infidels,

Finally, someone – the French – have stood up to the crazed Muslim hordes.  Thank you France! We hope you don’t let political correctness creep into your military moves against these monsters, because if you do, you are doomed because THEY do not respect any PC baloney – Burkasrugly

When I was a child my grandmother constantly used the phrase “From Here to Timbuktu.” In her mind the phrase simply meant a distant place. Little did she know this phrase originated in the 12th Century during the European Medieval Period. Then Timbuktu was at the very crossroads of North Africa.
It was located where the Sahara Desert met the less dry Sahel. It was the first reliable watering-place for the caravans crossing the Sahara. It was situated about ten kilometers from the Niger River. All distances in North Africa were measured from here to Timbuktu.

At this crossroads Timbuktu grew incredibly wealthy and sophisticated. By the 12th Century Timbuktu contained thriving markets, a huge library and a respected university that was even known in Europe. Yet beginning in the 1500′s at least three waves of militant Islamism swept over Timbuktu.
Finally the French in the late 19th Century put a stop to this rabid insanity. Most of North Africa became French colonies. Beginning in 1960 all of these colonies were granted their freedom by the French.

Last year several groups of Islamic militants tried to carve out a sanctuary in  Mali. Less than a month ago the Malians appealed to France to deliver them from the Muslim onslaught. Acting with lightening speed the French airlifted wheeled armor vehicles and paratroops into southern Mali. Moving rapidly with armor coordinated with devastating airstrikes the French rolled back the Muslim invaders. Timbuktu fell to the French today without a shot being fired. Jubilant crowds greeted the French and Malians as liberators.

The Muslims committed the usual crimes of Islamic barbarians; rape, murder, floggings, amputations and stonings. The Malians quickly got a bellyful of Sharia. In scenes reminiscent of World War II the locals cheered their liberators by waving French flags and shouting, “Vive la France !”

There are several lessons to be learned from this campaign. First, T.E. Lawrence (better know as Lawrence of Arabia) wrote in the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, “The Arabs are tremendous on offense, but are terrible on defense.” Quickly force Muslim armies on the defensive by hitting them hard and subject them to constant unrelenting pounding. They will run for their lives every time. As Nathan Bedford Forrest pointed out, “Keep up the scare.” As Americans we need to learn the Muslim world will never love us, no matter what we do. But we can damn well make them fear us. Muslims only respect the mailed fist in their faces. Raw naked force alone keeps them from attacking us.

Secondly, black troops well led and well-trained are tremendous fighters. Most black militaries are poorly trained in a culture of corruption. Give them good training and fair decent officers who earn their respect and the troops will perform brilliantly. Hopefully, this will take place in the ECOWAS countries. Great Britain announced today that they will send several hundred troops to help train the many African nations who are sending troops to Mali.

Thirdly, the next phase of the war will involve hunting down and killing the small bands of fleeing Islamic militants. They must all be killed. If not these monsters will simply reconstitute themselves after the French leave. Al-Qaeda and its affiliates are like a virus that is able to quickly metastasize and mutate. This is the lesson we as Americans
failed to learn in Iraq and Afghanistan. With our scheduled withdrawal time tables the terrorists knew they only had to wait us out. We are seeing the revival of Islamic terrorism
right now in Iraq. The only solution is kill all of these monsters and in a way they will be denied entry into the Great Whorehouse in the Sky. I will leave this process to the
reader’s imagination. As a Malian said yesterday, “These are not religious men, they are criminals.”

Vive la France ! Vive la Mali !

In hoc signo vinces,


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UN Blasphemy Law Outlaws Sharing Christian Faith

Fellow infidels,

One of our occasional bloggers, Fishin’ Guy, is back with a great blog explaining the UN Blasphemy Law, which was pushed by good ole’ Hillary Clinton – Burkasrugly

Since the Obama administration tried to blame a third-rate film on the attack on Benghazi, there have been more calls from the Muslim world to pass a global anti-blasphemy law. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the film “disgusting and reprehensible.”
She has been actively leading the State Department support of UN Resolution 16/18. The resolution, which is also known as Defamation of Religion Resolution, is the latest effort by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to get the UN to support a ban on any speech that is critical of Islam.
Ironically, Last year Clinton attended the Broadway musical “Book of Mormon,” a play that insulted Mormonism and included lines so trashy that they could not be printed in this newspaper.
Did you hear Clinton complain about how offensive the play could be to Mormons? No? Because according to a column in The Wall Street Journal, she didn’t.
One disturbing part of the blasphemy resolution is that it does not address the continued use of anti-Jewish materials in the schools of Saudi Arabia or the ongoing persecution of Jews and Christians in numerous Muslim countries. The Muslim world needs to clean up its own back yard before attempting to tell other countries what to do.
Criticizing Islamic Sharia law – which includes stoning women to death and cutting off thieves’ hands – could be considered blasphemy under this resolution. Also, under this law sharing your Christian faith could be considered blasphemy, since this could offend Muslims.
Every American should be up in arms about this. Common courtesy and our Christian heritage teaches us to respect other religions. However, we should not be forced to abandon the very essence of our republic due to liberals’ worship of Political Correctness.
Every pastor should grow a spine and quit worrying about their church’s tax status. Since UN resolutions are ratified in the US Senate, start calling and writing your senators to stop this assault on free speech.

Fishin’ Guy

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Review Of Phoenix Rising: Firebase Freedom

Fellow infidels,

You will want to rush out and purchase Phoenix Rising: Firebase Freedom by William W. Johnstone, with J.A. Johnstone after you read this review by Constantine.  It is a fictional story, yet you will find some eerie similarities to today’s political climate….Burkasrugly

This is a fictional work based on an Islamic takeover of the United States government. Set in the near future Medhi Ohmshidi is elected President of the United States by campaigning on the promise of “fundamentally transforming America”. Once in office he proceeds to carry out this promise with a vengeance. He totally re-distributes wealth to the point the economy collapses. More people are on the dole than are paying taxes. We are unable to pay our military, so the greatest fighting force in the world disintegrates. Islamic terrorists seizing upon the chaos, detonate three nuclear weapons in some of the nation’s largest cities. Tens of millions of citizens die in the blast and the subsequent radioactive fallout. Over a third of the country is starving and our infrastructure ceases to function.

President Ohmshidi, who many think is foreign-born, tosses aside any pretension of being a Christian and publicly announces his loyalty to Islam. Now in order to get an I D card which allows people to buy food, gasoline and electricity they must convert to Islam. Of the surviving American population 70% become Islamic to feed their families. The Statue of Liberty is destroyed, plus the statuary on the Mall in D.C is also leveled. Sharia is declared the law of the land. Now the Mall is used as a place of public execution. Televised stonings and beheadings take place on the Mall. Sharia replaces the U.S. Constitution.

Next President Ohmshidi disbands Congress and names himself as President for Life. Our defunct military is replaced by the State Protective Services (known as SPS for short). The SPS is required to pledge personal loyalty not to the Constitution but to President O.
Private gun ownership is outlawed. People who refuse to turn in their firearms are summarily executed. Fox News, the NRA and the Boy Scouts are designated terrorist organizations and are banned from American life.

President O initiates a special fascist Islamic salute. It consists of a clenched fist against the chest with the utterance of “Obey Ohmshidi.” Anyone who refuses this salutation is suspect. The Great Seal of the United States is replaced by a capital O imposed upon a blue background. President O also confiscates all the property of Jewish American citizens and has them placed in relocation centers.

However, there are a handful of patriots who are dedicated to taking back America. We meet George Gregoire (a thinly disguised Glenn Beck) who continues to make clandestine broadcasts until he is captured. Tried by fanatical Imams he is sentenced to public beheading on the Capitol Mall. Then we meet groups of patriots from south Alabama who do form an effective resistance to President O. Most of the book deals with the growing resistance movement. Their motto is “Take Back America.”

This book functions as a look into our dire future unless the citizenry awakens to the growing danger of Islamic supremacy. It is also a warning about “free stuff” and the tragically high price that will ultimately be paid for these entitlements.

This is a great cautionary tale about the future. It is also one well written story. The book can be ordered in paperback from Amazon for $6.99 or if you have a Kindle it can be downloaded for $4.99. Just buy it and read it. You will be glad you did.

Oh by the way, the Johnstones do state that it is purely coincidental if any of these characters represent real people. Yeah, right. Hmmm ?

In hoc signo vinces,


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