Lone Wolf or Wolf Pack ?

After Thursday’s murderous jihadi attack that killed four Marines in Chattanooga the press is going into a frenzy trying to explain the rise of so called lone wolf attacks. How is it
that seemingly peaceful (Islam is the religion of peace, right?) Muslims suddenly
become motivated to launch uber violent attacks against infidels. It’s almost as if future
Jihadis are sitting around their bedrooms when some unexplainable cosmic event
turns them into killing machines.

In reality there are no lone wolf attacks. The lone wolf attack is a misnomer that exists only in the psyche of largely uninformed journalists.

The so called lone wolf attacks are orchestrated by the international jihadi movement.
One must have a good understanding of the Koran, the Hadiths (the collective body of
Mohammed’s teachings) and the Sira (the biography of Mohammed) to understand this fact. These three works are the definitive trilogy of Islam. Without at least a rudimentary understanding of these three seminal works a journalist is clueless about militant Islam. The lone wolf attack is a fictitious mental construct of the intellectually challenged and woefully ignorant liberal press.

We do not have so much lone wolf attacks as we do have a large worldwide attack by a pack of wolves. The wolves are all motivated by a common ideology arising from the life of
Mohammed and his criminal colleagues. The actions of the worldwide wolf pack are deliberately designed to kill and terrorize. What we have, are Islamic wolf packs in the thousands right here in America waiting for a directive from ISIS or some other jihadi group to launch their devastating attacks on innocent Americans.

The common thread to all these attacks is the example of the prophet Mohammed and the
twisted, sick, sadistic ideology of a supremacist, violent Islam. All the players are reading from a common script. Thus, there are no lone wolf attacks. All the Muslim wolves world wide are reading from the same playbook. All Jihadis follow the example of the original terrorist, Mohammed.

The sooner we understand this lesson, the sooner we can protect our country, the sooner we can begin destroying the plague of international jihad and the sooner Western Civilization can be saved.

In hoc signo vinces,


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A New Poll On American Muslims

Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy released the results of a poll last week on American Muslims that is both mind numbing and terrifying. The Gaffney poll
surveyed 800 Muslims from all 50 states diversified almost equally by gender, and
representative of all ages of adult Muslims.

An astounding 51% of those surveyed preferred Sharia Law to United States Civil law. These people would also like the option of settling legal matters in a Sharia court. Another 33% of Muslims thought the Sharia should be supreme and binding on Muslims AND non-Muslims alike. Furthermore, slightly over 20% of all American Muslims thought violence to establish Sharia as the law of the land in the United States was perfectly acceptable.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has long put forth the exaggerated claim that there are six million Muslims in the USA. Most experts place the Muslim population at three million or about one per cent of the American population, Let’s do some math. Accepting the three million number means slightly more than a million and a half Muslims prefer the Sharia rather than U.S. law. Taking the 33% group means we have a million Muslims who want Sharia elevated over the United States Constitution (Isn’t this
the very definition of treason?).

But there is a even more scary fact out there. Over 20% of American Muslims think that killing, robbing, raping and terrorizing are perfectly good, Allah sanctioned, Mohammed approved, methodologies to bring about the implementation to make Sharia the supreme law of the land. If you multiply three million by 20% you come up with the mind boggling number of 600,00 Muslims willing to practice the violent over throw of the United States government. The total number of people in the American Armed forces is something less than a million. The life of Mohammed is a clear template for world conquest. Houston, we clearly have a problem of epic proportions !

This poll destroys the cherished belief that we have lots of “moderate” Muslims in the United States. No Muslim who wants barbaric Sharia as the supreme law of the land, whether established peacefully or violently, can be considered moderate. Can 1% of the Muslim population force Sharia on the other 99% of the American population? You better believe it ! They can do so if we are too apathetic to care. History is replete with examples of a tiny minority of Muslims taking over many countries. Wake up before our Constitutional liberties are destroyed !

Islam is not a religion. It is a theocratic, supremacist, fascist totalitarian movement that wants to kill everyone that disagrees with its ultimate goal of the master race of all Muslims. The Muslims could and did teach the Nazis a thing or two about a brutal dictatorial system.

In hoc signo vinces,


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You just can’t make up this stuff!

1. Pamela Geller held the Draw Mohamed cartoon contest in Garland, TX on 03 MAY 2015.

2. Two radical Muslims drive from Phoenix, AZ to Garland, TX with the intention of creating a mass shooting at the “Draw Mohamed” venue. Both of the shooters are killed by police when they wound a parking lot security guard and fire at a police officer.

3. The dead Muslim shooters are associated with the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix, AZ.

4. On 29 MAY 2015, a protest is held in front of the Phoenix Islamic Community Center that claims is for the purpose of demonstrating the protesters freedom of speech. The organizer of the protest, Jon Ritzheimer, is wearing a T-shirt that says “F*** Islam”. In one picture, he is shown with another individual wearing the same T-shirt and that individual is named as Jason Leger in the photo caption.

5. On JUN 2, FOX 10 TV station in Phoenix did a news story that featured an interview with Jason Leger. One of the two news anchors that broadcast this story was a lady named Samia Khan.

6. Samia Khan and her co-host talked about the fact that Jason Leger had worn the offensive T-shirt and been part of the demonstration. They then reported that he (Leger) was invited into the mosque by the Mosque leadership. They further told the story of how Leger was overwhelmed by how friendly the people were and how they answered all his questions. The general line of comments told of how Leger had a complete change of heart and now fully supported the mosque completely.

7. TV host Samia Khan and her co-host then ran an interview that one of their reporters had done with Leger following his visit inside the mosque. Leger went on for 20 minutes about how great the people were and how wrong he was to wear the shirt, etc.

8. At one point during the interview the reporter asked Leger if he meet anyone in the mosque that he knew. Leger says he did run into an old friend that was a previous neighbor that he grew up with. The reporter ask if Leger knew back then if his friend was a Muslim and Leger responds by saying, “No, I believe he also converted. It happened later in life. He was a lot like me and made some wrong decisions and he found a way to make better his life.

9. The comment that his friend ALSO converted suggested that Leger is making a slip, stating he (Leger) is a convert. There is no other scenario that would makes sense in the context of the conversation (unless the reporter was Muslim and Leger knew that).

10. This raises the question of whether this whole incident was a set up. If so, who all was involved with setting it up and for what purpose.

11. There have been numerous “hate” crimes reported across the country where Muslims have staged a crime against themselves or their property to offer proof they are being made victims.

12. One such staged hate crime was in Fresno, CA where a window of the mosque was broken out. The man arrested for this vandalism against the mosque was a member of the mosque, Asif Mohammad Khan, 28. He is the brother of Samia Khan, the FOX 10 TV news anchor who did the story in Phoenix on Leger.

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Islam Has Worn Out Its Welcome

Fellow kafirs,

How many of you agree with the title of this blog? Savages should not live amongst civilized people. Muslim immigration must be stopped. The resettlement program, which brings in thousands of these brutes into our country, should be disbanded. Call your senator, call your representative, call your governor….just DO SOMETHING! Each person can make a difference. Please do not sit around and twiddle your thumbs. As Wild Bill states in this video, EVERY country that these people settle in is destroyed. We can’t let that happen in America – Burkasrugly


Until next time,


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Geert Wilders Speech At Mohammed Cartoon Event

Fellow kafirs,

Geert Wilders, free speech hero, gave a fantastic speech Sunday night in Garland, Texas.  The jihadists did not stop free speech!  Some in our sharia compliant media tried to brand this event as provocative.  I submit that watching our fellow Christians brutally beheaded by Islamic savages is provocative!  But the media is too lazy to rock the boat and ask the obvious questions.  Here is Geert’s speech if you did not attend the event – Burkasrugly


Until next time,


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Bus Ads Ok’d Featuring Hitler Meeting With Muslim Leader

Fellow infidels,

There is a victory to announce.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and its co-founders, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller filed suit against Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s (SEPTA) refusal to run a “Stop the Islamic Jew-Hatred” advertisement on buses last year.  Today AFDI won. This is the ad:


From Jihad Watch:

“Federal Judge Orders SEPTA to Display ‘Stop the Islamic Jew-Hatred’ Advertisement,” American Freedom Law Center, March 12, 2015:

Late yesterday, a federal judge sitting in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania granted the American Freedom Law Center’s (AFLC) motion for a preliminary injunction, holding that the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s (SEPTA) refusal to run a “Stop the Islamic Jew-Hatred” advertisement on its advertising space violated the First Amendment. As part of his ruling, the judge ordered SEPTA to run the ad. (Read the judge’s Memorandum Opinion here).

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Robert Muise, and David Yerulshami freedom of speech was victorious!  Thanks to all of you!  Freedom of speech is not just for Muslim Brotherhood members or jihadists bent on killing, maiming and beheading innocent people.

The Jihad Watch article concludes with Mr. Muise pointing out how good it was to actually have a judge who went by the law.  Mr. Yerushalmi pointed out how biased government transit authorities have been about the ads.  Victory is sweet when the iron fist of the government is reigned back in.

The article concludes:

Robert Muise, AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel, commented,

“AFLC has made it clear in lawsuits across the country that government censorship of speech will not stand in the face of serious judicial scrutiny. Indeed, it is refreshing, but unfortunately rare these days, to have a case before a judge who is ‘compelled’ by the law and not by his only personal biases or political agenda when deciding important constitutional issues.”

David Yerushalmi, AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel, added,

“Across the country, we have successfully litigated cases where government transit authorities permit the Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas front groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations to run ads misleading the public about Jihad and Islamic Jew hatred. When our clients run ads exposing this Jew hatred, all of a sudden the transit authorities are worried about the ‘tone’ of the conversation and attempt to shut it down. A word of advice to government bureaucrats doing the Muslim Brotherhood’s bidding: we will sue you and you will lose. Act accordingly.”

Until next time,


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Yasir Qadhi – In his own words.

Yasir Qadhi – In his own words.


Shaykh Yasir Qadhi graduated with a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston, after which he was accepted as a student at the Islamic University of Madinah. After completing a diploma in Arabic, he graduated with a B.A. from the College of Hadith and Islamic Sciences, and then completed a M.A. in Islamic Theology from the College of Dawah. He then returned to America, and completed a PhD in Religious Studies from Yale University.

He has authored several books, published academic articles, and appeared on numerous satellite and TV stations around the globe.
Shaykh Yasir Qadhi is a resident Scholar of the Memphis Islamic Center. He is also a professor at Rhodes College, in the Department of Religious Studies.

1. In the past, Qadhi has denied the Holocaust. In this recording1, Qahdi recommends the book, “Hoax of the Holocaust”. Later, after receiving much negative publicity about his denial, he visited the concentration camps and withdrew his previous statements.

2. In an article HERE 2, Qadhi states Dr. Ali al-Timimi was his mentor and Qadhi says, “I personally owe a lot to Sh. al-Timimi, and I can say (with pride) that fifteen years ago, back in the early 90’s, he played an instrumental role in shaping and directing me to take the path that has led me to where I am today. “

On September 23, 2004, the forty-year-old al-Timimi (based in Fairfax, Virginia) was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges that in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks he urged a group of Muslim-American men to travel to Afghanistan and fight a “holy war” against the U.S. troops who went there to overthrow the Taliban regime, which had permitted and supported the operations of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Today, Ali Al-Tamimi is serving a LIFE sentence at the Hazelton (West Virginia) United States Penitentiary (Federal BOP# 48054-083).

3. In this video3, Qadhi is doing a TV program in the UK and speaks against the fact that a news service had recorded activity inside a mosque. At minute 8:46, he declares, “We are loyal to our countries insofar as it does not interfere with our religion of Islam”. Clearly, he is referring to the Sharia Law that always puts Islamic law above national law.

4. In the recording at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1jC0y8hIs8,4 Qadhi refers to Christians and Jews as “filthy” because they have not accepted Islam.

5. This video 5 shows Qadhi speaking to students and saying it is unbelievable that people would come together and vote to decide the law of the land. He goes on to say that only the law of Allah is able to set the law for all people. This idea is the fundamental between Islam and Western Civilization. While all belief systems have their religious laws, there is a big difference between how Islam views this concept. Jews have Halakhah or Jewish law and members of the Jewish faith are expected to follow these laws. Catholics have the Cannons and members of the Catholic church are expected to follow the Cannons. The Methodist have the Book of Discipline, the Baptist have the Baptist Faith and Message. In each case, the members of that faith are expected to follow the doctrine (or laws) of their faith. This is where Islam is VERY different. Muslims have Sharia Law but they expect (demand) that everyone, Muslims AND non-Muslims adhere to Sharia Law. This makes Islam a political system that is carried out as a religious obligation. This video is a perfect example of that thinking.

6. The unequal treatment of women is expressed in this video6 where Qadhi states that women should not work except in special cases (teachers of girls and nurses for other women, etc).

7. This article and video 7 highlights Qadhi telling the audience that the Quran “destroys” American capitalism.

8. In this interview,8 Qadhi appears to condemn the actions of ISIS but he explains that they are motivated by the brutality of the American foreign policy. Theses statements start about minute 7:17 in the interview. On his Facebook page posted DEC 30, 2014 at 3:02 pm (see below), he states, “While it is true that the base cause of such extremisms is the chaos and bloodshed caused by the foreign policies of Western powers in Muslim lands”.







5https://www.dropbox.com/s/6uw4gwiurp3gely/Qadhi Fundamentals of Faith.wmv




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The Mall Of America

Fellow Kafirs,

Now ISIS is threatening to slaughter Americans in malls in the US.  It would not be surprising to hear that this has happened one day.  After all, they don’t care who they kill – Burkasrugly

Just 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis in nearby suburban Bloomington is located the largest mall in the United States.. It is named appropriately the Mall of America. It has acquired a reputation as a national shopping destination. Planes, trains and bus lines offer package travel deals to entice shopaholics to its hallowed halls of merchandizing. The Mall of America (MOA) has 520 stores, more than 50 restaurants, numerous movie theaters and a huge indoor amusement park complete with a roller coaster. The mall has four levels. Their website (Google: Mall of America) has complete floor plans of every level detailing the location of every store. Their site claims 40,000,000 people tread the sacred halls of consumerism every year. On any given day about 200,000 persons pass through the gigantic MOA.

However, the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul are famous for another very macabre reason. The Twin Cities are the home to the largest Somali population in the United States. Somalia’s militant Islamic group Al-Shabaab (Arabic for The Youth) views Minneapolis as very fertile recruiting ground for militant Jihadis. There are 40,000 Somalis living in the Twin Cities. In East Africa Somalis are viewe das the most extreme of all Muslims. Muslim Somalis compose 99.99% of the population. Somalia is one of those countries that strictly follows Sharia Law legally killing Jews, Christians and apostates from Islam. Somalis engage in all types of criminal activities to raise money to support Jihad, including
ivory poaching, piracy, illegal drug trading and money laundering.

In September of 2013 Al-Shabaab attacked the upscale Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya killing over 70 people and wounding another 200 people. All of this destruction was wrought by an estimated 8-15 Somali gunmen armed with pistols, AK-47s and grenades. Al-Shabaab already has experience in attacking malls.

What if this terrorist group follows through on their announced plan to attack the Mall of America as well as other malls in Canada and Great Britain ? Remember there were several American Somalis found among the dead attackers at the Westgate Mall. These terrorists are highly dangerous and don’t mind dying for their blood thirsty god, Allah. It is not a question of if, but rather when such an attack takes place. This event is long over due in America.

Consider this thought. Was the Westgate Mall attack a dress rehearsal for a major mall attack in this country ? Remember there are hundreds of highly antagonistic Islamists a short 15 minute drive from the Mall of America. Even a half dozen Islamic gunmen could kill and wound hundreds of Americans. The Mall of America (MOA) would literally be turned into an Islamic MOA (Mall of Allah) complete with severed limbs and heads, pools of blood, screaming wounded, scores of raped women, girls and yes, little boys.

We must plan for such an event. It is only through vigilance and preparation that the horrendous events that must surely come can be mitigated.

I hope with every fiber of my being that such an event can be prevented.

Robert Norvell

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Here Be Monsters !

The following Editorial letter was published  in the Jonesboro, AR newspaper.  It was written by the local ACT Chapter leader:

Here Be Monsters !

Three hundred years ago much of the earth’s surface was uncharted. Often large,
dangerous, unmapped areas  carried the legend “Here Be Monsters”. In other words,
venture into these areas at your own risk.

Today, large areas of western Iraq, eastern Syria and a small sliver of eastern Lebanon
should be designated “Here Be Monsters”. These areas were conquered while Obama slept
or played his too frequent rounds of golf. Whether you call them ISIL or ISIS or IS (Islamic
State) the Muslim extremist cancer continues its metastasis. These are cruel and brutal
fiends devoid of the slightest scintilla of human decency. With sadistic pleasure they cut
off the heads of eight year old children, rape little girls as young as four and now, burn a prisoner of war to death. Don’t believe me just Google “ISIS atrocities. However, I warn you, be prepared to be sickened by disturbing graphic images  of unspeakable violence.

Ralph Peters, Fox correspondent, summed up ISIS by referring to them as an “apocalyptic
murder cult”. ISIS is so violent even al-Qaeda has formally disavowed ISIS. Think about that for a moment. The terrorist group that savagely murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11 thinks ISIS is too brutal and extreme. That’s really going some.

All civilized peoples must unite to destroy ISIS from the face of earth. These murderous fanatics have forfeited all claims to any humanity. Only then will Yazidis, Jews, Christians and Shia Muslims be safe. Only then will Muslims who don’t measure up to the self appointed standards of ISIS be free of peril.

“An appeaser” Winston Churchill wrote, “is like a man who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.” King Abdullah of Jordan has a hundred times the moral compass of our feckless, immature President Obama.

Robert Norvell

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Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton: Gitmo Terrorists Can “Rot In Hell”

Fellow Kaffirs,

If you are like me and voted for Tom Cotton, you feel very proud right now to have him as one of our senators.  Watch as he grills this guy about Gitmo – Burkasrugly


Senator Cotton points out that “Islamic terrorists don’t attack us for what we do, but for who we are.”  He is so great at pointing out the fallacy that our dear leader, Obama, tries to sell to the American people….that Gitmo is a recruiting tool for jihadists.  I love the blank look on the guy’s face when Cotton starts grilling him – Priceless!!

If he keeps being this bold, maybe one day we can call him President Cotton!

Until next time,



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