“Britain First” Candidate Jayda Fransen Confronts Muslims

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If you have friends in Britain, they need to get familiarized with Jayda Fransen, candidate for the Rochester by-election.  She is a member of Britain First, the fastest growing patriotic  political party in Britain.

We are supporting our British brothers and sisters….we just hope it isn’t too late for them to be saved from a muslim takeover.  Jayda Fransen is very brave in this video, especially when she confronted the muslims. Here is the video:


More men need to get a backbone like this lady.  It takes a woman to show them how to do it!

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Geert Wilders in Nashville

By Geert Wilders

….The Koran is full of commands such as sura 47 verse 4 “When ye meet the unbelievers, smite at their necks and cause a bloodbath among them.”

All the atrocities by ISIS, Boko Haram, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Khorasan — they all find their inspiration in the Koran. They show the true face of Islam.

Friends, my message is unpleasant, but there is no running away from it. The task of defending our home countries against Islam has fallen on our shoulders. My shoulders. Your shoulders. Today is one of the most crucial moments in our history. This moment, whether we like it or not, spells duty.

If we shirk away from our responsibility, our children will perish and we will live the rest of our lives in shame. It is not enough to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq; we must stop Islam from spreading here, in our own land. The less Islam, the better. It is as simple as that.

Ordinary people know it well enough. According to an opinion poll, two thirds of the Dutch are of the opinion that the Islamic culture does not belong to the Netherlands. But our leaders do not want to hear it. They try to silence everyone who speaks the truth about Islam.

During the past ten years, I have been living under constant police protection, because Islamic terrorists want to kill me. I have been threatened by al-Qaeda, the Pakistani Taliban, jihadis in Syria, and others. I live in a safe house, policemen accompany me wherever I go. But it looks as if the Dutch Public Prosecutor is trying to silence me as much as the jihadis are.

Three years ago, I was taken to court on hate crime charges. After a grueling court case, that lasted almost two years, I was fully acquitted. Now, the Dutch judiciary is going after me again. I am said to have insulted a population group because I asked people whether they want more or fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands.

Moroccans are the major Islamic group in the Netherlands. They are overrepresented in crime and welfare statistics. 65 percent of Moroccans between 12 and 23 are suspect of a crime.

Moroccans account for 75% of all the Dutch who leave for Syria to wage jihad.

Nobody wants more Moroccans in the Netherlands.

My party — which by the way is the largest or at least the second largest party in the polls — wants to restrict the number of Moroccans in three ways: by stopping immigration from Islamic countries, by sending back all convicted Moroccan criminals to their country of origin, and by stimulating voluntary re-emigration. They intend to prosecute me again. They want me to stop telling the truth about Islam.

However, I will never be silenced. Not by jihadis, not by political opponents, and not by anybody. “Live free or die” — that is my motto.

Friends, I count on you. We have to liberate the Western world from Islam.

Islam is threatening the whole world. We have to stand together. America, Europe, Australia, Canada and certainly also the state of Israel.

Israel is the cradle of our civilization. Defending Israel is defending ourselves. We must support our friend and ally Israel. Israel is one of us.

In the past years, I have been traveling the world. I have been to several European countries, to Israel, to the United States, to Canada and Australia, to encourage people to stand up against Islam. But more needs to be done.

The time has come to combine our efforts. I have taken the initiative to establish an international organization — the International Freedom Alliance IFA. Its goal is to combine our efforts, to spread the truth about Islam, to preserve our freedom and stop the Islamisation of our societies. IFA aims to be a network of resistance fighters in all the countries threatened by Islam.

We must join forces on a global scale, because the specter of Islam is haunting the entire world.

I told you at the beginning that we have a rendezvous with history here today. Our generation has been entrusted with a huge task: To defend freedom and defeat Islam. I say it without exaggeration: the future of human civilization depends on us. It depends on you and on me. Now is a time when every man must do his duty for the cause of liberty. Help me to combat Islam. We have to save our children from centuries of darkness that will befall them if we fail to do our duty today.

Islam should know that we, the free men of the West, will never apologize for being free men. We will never bow in the direction of Mecca. We will never surrender.

Freedom is the birth right of every man. Your great Republic was built on this principle.

Help me to defend this birth right, all over the world. Help me to defend this sacred principle.

Help me to secure freedom for future generations.

Thank you.

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Iraqi Exile Says There Is No Such Thing As Moderate Muslims

Fellow Kafirs,
IQ Rasooli is an Iraqi exile and author who has seen the devastating effects of what Islam can do to human beings. Idiots are wasting time by continually repeating that Islam has been ‘hijacked’ by radicals. Most Muslims that know anything about the Koran know this ‘hijacking’ notion is preposterous. Watch this interview of Rasooli on News Max – Burkasrugly


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British Muslim Cleric Says Sharia Will Be Implemented Globally

Fellow Kafirs,
And he indicates in the video below that Kafirs won’t be able to do a thing about it. Oh, yeah, really Anjem old boy? He needs to think about that for a while. It won’t fly here. The government may try to force it on us, but if it tries that, Uncle Sam will have a big problem…the people will rise up and rid the US of Sharia because we have HAD ENOUGH!!! – Burkasrugly


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ISIS Will Carry Out Mass Slaughter In US If Not Stopped

Fellow Kafirs,

Do you think that the Muslim-in-Chief will stop it?  No!  That is probably why he is so adamant about letting Tom, Dick, Harry and Mohammed into our southern border!  Princeton University Professor Robert George told The Blaze’s Dana Loesch the following:

He said  that the Islamic State will carry out “mass slaughter in the United States” if it is not soon “destroyed as a fighting force.”

“They have every intention of getting [to the United States], and these are people who achieve what they set out to achieve,” George said on The Glenn Beck Program with guest host Dana Loesch. “Unless somebody stops them, they make good on their threats. They ‘have threatened to carry out activity in the United States — killing people, mass slaughter in the United States.”

“Believe me, I plead with you, I want your listeners to believe me — these people will do it if they can,” George continued. “And they will be able to do it unless we stop them.”

Professor, we the people believe it.  Our Muslim sympathizing president does not live in the real world (no surprise here, liberals live in Theory La-La Land). They cannot or will not acknowledge reality.

Obama is so pro-Islam and anti-Christian that he issues ridiculous statements.  The American Center for Law and Justice noticed such a statement.  In an article on their website titled ‘Why Can’t Obama Tell The Truth About ISIS’s Faith’ they pointed out the absurdity of Obama’s statement on ISIS:

While pundit after pundit has rightfully hammered the President’s absurd statement that the Islamic State ”has no place in the 21st century” (I particularly enjoyed Charles C.W. Cooke’s Friday piece) and the importation of ridiculous “wrong side of history” argumentation from the American culture war, I want to focus on something else — something so manifestly untrue that its inclusion in the president’s speech is inexcusable. It’s this:

So ISIL speaks for no religion. Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents.

What is he talking about? The Islamic State certainly speaks for their faith. In fact, the Islamic State defines itself by faith, an their faith doesn’t just “teach” them to massacre innocents; it mandates such massacres. Moreover, their faith has long roots within Islam, with jihadist movements flaring century after century. Even if we defeat the Islamic State now, we’ll no doubt see other jihadist movements in the future. The Islamic world is plagued by jihad, and it has been for a long time.

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Appeasement Of Muslim World Is NOT Acceptable

Fellow Kafirs,
Where is Ronald Reagan when you need him? Gosh, what an INSPIRING speech!!! As Reagan said, ‘There is a price we will not pay, there is a point beyond which they must not advance.’ Americans are HUNGERING for a leader like this instead of the WIMP Obama that we have. Take a look and listen and BE INSPIRED!!!! – Burkasrugly


This is to all the ‘radical’ Muslims (and liberal supporters) who want to take away our freedoms.  We will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER  give in.  Even to the last man, to the last minute, we will NEVER give in to the evil and Satanic Islamic ideology.  And to those Muslims who stand around with their heads in the sand doing NOTHING about their evil brethren, you have to know that YOU are part of the problem too.  They are your people and you need to take the lead in getting them to stop slaughtering innocent people.  And yes, even though you guys do not think that anyone other than Muslims are innocent, you are totally wrong.  The civilized world is fed up with putting up with your fellow ‘coreligionists’ bull.  Killing, stoning, beheading, blowing people up, raping women, etc., are all atrocities that the rest of the world is tired of.

We have had our fill and even though some of our leaders like to bow to Saudi kings, we, the people of the United States, refuse to bow to anyone, especially people who emulate a man who was a pedophile, murderer, thief, anti-Semite, necrophiliac, and all around evil nut.  We will protect our families and homeland whatever it takes from Neanderthal scumbags like ISIS, Hamas, and any other Muslim group who seeks to harm us.

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Required reading at Tennessee Tech

Tennessee Tech Univ is where Carlos Bledsoe of Memphis  was radicalized into the Islamic ideology and from there went to Yemen for further “training”.  When he returned to the U.S. he executed his own jihad in Little Rock, AR when he shot two Army recruiters, killing one and wounding the other.
The President of Tennessee Tech University is requiring all incoming freshmen to read “Acts of Faith” by Eboo Patel. Let’s take a look at just who Eboo Patel is.  From the Discover the Networks web site:

Born November 9, 1975 in Mumbai, India, Eboo Patel was raised in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. After earning a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he taught at an alternative-education program for high-school dropouts in Chicago and, inspired by Dorothy Day’s Catholic Worker Movement, established a cooperative living community for activists and artists in Chicago’s Uptown area.

Patel, a Muslim, went on to earn a doctorate in the sociology of religion from Oxford University. During his Oxford years, he ran interfaith youth projects in India, Sri Lanka, and South Africa. In 2002 Patel and a Jewish friend co-founded, with the help of a $35,000 grant from the Ford Foundation, the Chicago-based InterFaith Youth Corps (IFYC) as a forum where “service” could be used as a “bridge” to unite “young people from different faiths.” Patel remains IFYC’s executive director to this day. 

In 2005 Patel and several young radicals co-authored the book Letters from Young Activists: Today’s Rebels Speak Out. Among Patel’s co-authors were Chesa Boudin (the adopted son of former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers) and Ismail Khalidi (the son of Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi). The book’s Preface was written by Ayers’ wife, Weather Underground co-founder Bernardine Dohrn. The back cover featured an endorsement from the convicted cop-killer and former Black Panther Party member Mumia Abu-Jamal. And on the Acknowledgments page, Patel and his fellow authors thanked Ayers personally for the “guidance” and “encouragement” he had provided.

In 2006 Patel published Building the Interfaith Youth Movement: Beyond Dialogue to Action. The book’s Afterword was written by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, famous for having led an effort to construct a large mosque near the site of the 9/11 attacks in Manhattan.

In Patel’s 2007 book, Saving Each Other, Saving Ourselves, the author recounts discussions that he had with Imam Rauf regarding the future of Islam in the United States. “Islam is a religion that has always been revitalized by its migration,” writes Patel. “America is a nation that has been constantly rejuvenated by immigrants. There is now a critical mass of Muslims in America.” The website of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, an organization co-founded by Rauf, once listed Patel as one of the top “Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow.”

In a 2007 interview with National Public Radio to promote his next newly published book, Acts of Faith, Patel was asked about the “affinity” he felt for the radicalism of Bill Ayers, as he described in the book. Noting that “I actually grew up in the same hometown that Bill Ayers did,” Patel replied: “I was kind of taught the same myths about America, a land of freedom and equality and justice, etc., etc. And then, when I got to college, I saw people eating out of garbage cans for dinner, and I saw Vietnam vets drinking mouthwash for the alcohol, and I thought to myself, this is not the myth that I grew up with.” This harsh reality, Patel said, caused him to feel enormous “rage,” and he credited the “faith-based movement” for having helped him “direc[t] that rage in a direction far more compassionate and far more merciful—with the Catholic Worker Movement.” “Had [I] been one of the people involved in the Weather Underground who were sitting at my kitchen table when I was 18 years old and raging,” said Patel, “my life could have been very different.”

In a June 2008 interview with the leftist evangelical ministry Sojourners, Patel reiterated the sense of rage he had felt upon realizing that “everything you were taught was wrong—about fairness, about equality, about Christopher Columbus, about Thomas Jefferson.” He elaborated that the faith movement had given him a “way to have a radical view of the world—radical equality, radical peace, radical possibility—that is love-based, not anger-based.”

In February 2009, Patel was appointed to President Barack Obama‘s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.

In an October 2009 article in Newtopia magazine, a liberal cultural publication, Patel asserted that “Muslim totalitarians” were not all that different from “the Christian totalitarians in America,” “the Jewish totalitarians in Israel,” or “the Hindu totalitarians in India.”

In late July 2011, Patel spoke at the main event of a three-day convention held by the Muslim Students Association. Specifically, he participated in a panel alongside Tariq Ramadan (grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hasan al-Banna) and Siraj Wahhaj (who was named as a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing).

In 2011 Patel depicted Van Jones, the revolutionary communist who had served several months as President Obama’s “green jobs” czar, as an “American patriot,” a “faith hero,” and one of “the true giants of history.”

Patel is a regular contributor to the Washington Post, National Public Radio, and CNN. He has blogged for the Huffington Post, USA Today, and Sojourners, among other outlets. Moreover, he has served on the Council on Foreign Relations’ religious advisory committee, the Aga Khan Foundation’s national committee, and the Duke University Islamic Studies Center’s advisory board. He is a fellow of the Ashoka Foundation, and has spoken in such major venues as the Clinton Global Initiative and the Nobel Peace Prize Forum.

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Here Be Monsters!

Fellow Kafirs,

It is absolutely terrible and heartbreaking what is going on in the world.  In this blog, Constantine points out how terrible ISIS is – Burkasrugly

Three centuries ago most of the world’s oceans were uncharted. Large, dangerous, unmapped areas carried the legend “Here be monsters”. In other words, venture into these areas at your own risk.

Today, large sections of eastern Syrian, an eastern corner of Lebanon and much of western Iraq should be designated “Here Be Monsters”. These areas were conquered while Obama slept. Whether you call them ISIL or ISIS or IS (Islamic State) the Muslim cancer continues its metastasis. These are cruel and brutal monsters. With sadistic pleasure they cut off the heads of eight year old children and rape little girls as young as four. Just today a report was released about ISIS burying alive over 500 Yazidis. Don’t believe me just Google “ISIS Atrocities”. However, I warn you, be prepared to be sickened by disturbing graphic images of unspeakable violence.

Monday morning on Fox and Friends Ralph Peters summed up ISIS by referring to them as an “apocalyptic death cult”. ISIS is so violent even al-Qaeda has formally distanced itself from ISIS. Think about that for moment. The very terrorist group that killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11 thinks ISIS is too violent and extreme. That’s really going some !

Winston Churchill once quipped; “Islam is to men as rabies is to dogs.”

What do you do with a rabid dog? You put the dog down to prevent the spread of rabies.

All civilized men must unite to annihilate ISIS from the face of the earth. Instead of these pin prick airstrikes ordered by the feckless Obama from the safety of Martha’s Vineyard we need a massive air campaign to wipe out ISIS. Retired Air Force General Tom McInerney said instead of three or four airstrikes per day, we need 200 per day. We need drones, F-16s and F-18s, AC130 Spectre Gun Ships, B-1s, B-2s and B-52s swarming these Allah loving SOBs. Remember the images of the Highway of Death in Kuwait in the closing days of the first Gulf War. We need to recreate that scene in Iraq using ISIS as our Guinea pigs.

These monsters have forfeited all claims to any humanity. They need to be killed quickly and in large numbers. Only then will Christians, Yazidis, Jews and Shias be safe. Only them will the Muslims who don’t measure up to the cruelty of ISIS be free of peril.

Think of ISIS as a horde of cockroaches. They need to be stepped on with that satisfying crunching sound that signals their termination. Be sure to wipe off the putrefying residue from the sole of your shoe.


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The situation in France

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Pakistanis Behead Daughter; Son-in-Law

Fellow Kafirs,

Just ask your liberal do-gooder buddies how allowing Islamic Sharia law into American courts will enhance our country.  There is not one part of Sharia that has any redeeming qualities.  The couple in the story below were punished because they were in love and married without their families’ blessings.  How can someone behead their own daughter?  These people are not humans!


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